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Arab Hospitals Federation – Million Thanks to the Medical and Nursing staff

The Arab Hospitals Federation (AHF) has always offered a platform for the Arab healthcare sector for many years and has provided the ideal umbrella for all Arab hospitals.

In addition to that, AHF reinforced its mission to develop the Arab Healthcare Workers through a full Agenda including conferences and training programs with the aim to provide patients with high quality and safe services.

Currently, with COVID-19 critical situation and challenges, the AHF strives to help overcome this virus and to protect the healthcare workers in the hospitals, as well to help the community during this rapidly spreading COVID-19 viral pandemic .

In this context, The Federation has issued, in collaboration with its experts, a manual as well many articles dedicated to the hospitals staff to adopt all complementary measures aimed at the optimization and safe utilization of PPE. We salute and thank all the Ministers and Ministries of Health in our Arab healthcare sector for their passionate commitment to help our countries fight effectively, and ultimately conquer this virus that has disrupted the entire world.

And our best wishes and million thanks to the medical and nursing staff in all the Arab Healthcare institutions who took a huge risk in facing this crisis and treating COVID-19 patients.

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Together we will reach our aim,
Together we will overcome COVID-19
Stay safe.
Alice Yammine Boueiz
CEO of the Arab Hospitals Federation

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