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Corniche Hospital launches new ‘on demand’ patient menu and upgrades kitchen equipment 

SEHA facility enhances holistic patient experience by expanding menu and elevating its accessibility

Corniche Hospital, part of Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, (SEHA) – the UAE’s largest healthcare network, has recently upgraded its patient menu and equipped its kitchen with the latest technology in efforts to improve overall patient satisfaction and elevate the inpatient experience.

Dr. Khawla AL Nasseri, Acting Chief Operations Officer, Corniche Hospital, said: “Corniche Hospital is wholly committed to providing women and newborns with an excellent holistic experience during their stay at our facility. In addition to our provision of world-class healthcare and treatment services, we recognize the importance of nutrition as an extremely important aspect of their recovery journey. The new “A la carte” menu and the latest technology allow us to provide nutritious food to our patients at their preferred time while we strictly adhere to any and all diet restrictions and preferences.” 

Marwa Abdel Nasser, patient at Corniche Hospital, said: “As a new mother, eating healthy and nutritious food and resting are integral elements to my recovery. I was extremely pleased with the service I received at Corniche Hospital, which almost felt like I was at a hotel. The menu was easy to navigate with English and Arabic options and a wide variety of choices to select from. My meal was delivered within half an hour just as I requested, it was hot, delicious and the perfect quantity.”

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