Dr. Mehmood Khan

CEO of Hevolution Foundation

“Our mission to facilitate healthier aging and reduce age-related diseases”

In an exclusive conversation with Dr. Mehmood Khan, the esteemed CEO of Hevolution Foundation, we explore the driving forces behind the foundation’s impactful initiatives and their recent milestone event, the Global Healthspan Summit.

Dr. Khan shares insights into the foundation’s mission, their groundbreaking efforts in extending healthy lifespans, the challenges and opportunities encountered while pioneering anti-aging medicine. Join us as we delve into the visionary approach of Hevolution Foundation and its endeavor to redefine the landscape of health and aging.

Purpose Behind the Global Healthspan Summit

Dr. Mehmood Khan, CEO of Hevolution Foundation, shared the vision behind organizing the Global Healthspan Summit. He emphasized the foundation’s goal of uniting top scientists across various disciplines and locations to propel the anti-aging medicine movement into a global endeavor aimed at extending healthy lifespans for humanity’s benefit.

Reflecting on the summit’s success, Dr. Khan highlighted unprecedented attendance, with over 2000 participants from diverse corners of the world. The substantial turnout and engagement from over 100 global leaders as speakers indicated an existing demand, surpassing initial expectations. Attendees expressing enthusiasm for future events demonstrated the summit’s positive impact, encouraging plans for ongoing and improved gatherings.

Mission of Hevolution Foundation: Promoting Health Aging

Elaborating on Hevolution Foundation’s mission to facilitate healthier aging and reduce age-related diseases, Dr. Khan emphasized the importance of lifestyle choices in mitigating these issues. He emphasized the need to educate and assist people in adopting beneficial practices, including maintaining a balanced diet, engaging in physical activities, avoiding harmful habits, and fostering meaningful connections, as key elements for healthy aging.

Additionally, Dr. Khan highlighted ongoing efforts to explore advanced diagnostic technologies, considering the integration of biological age assessment into routine medical practice. Understanding one’s biological age could significantly influence individual behaviors, fostering healthier lifestyles to mitigate potential health risks.

Raising Public Awareness and Investor Interest

Regarding raising awareness, Dr. Khan emphasized a multi-tiered approach. This involved engaging policymakers to prioritize healthspan awareness, collaborating with healthcare professionals to integrate this knowledge into patient care, and emphasizing media involvement to transform their vision into a global movement accessible to the public.

Addressing investor concerns about the perceived risks in anti-aging medicine, Dr. Khan highlighted ongoing efforts to fund innovative research and attractive investment opportunities in this emerging field. He emphasized the foundation’s role in demonstrating the potential and reducing risks associated with investing in aging-related treatments.

Challenges and Future Endeavors

When asked about challenges as CEO, Dr. Khan emphasized the difficulty in swiftly recruiting talented individuals to support the foundation’s initiatives. He stressed the importance of assembling a diverse and skilled team to drive Hevolution Foundation’s mission forward. Dr. Khan also highlighted the significance of fostering opportunities for young talent, with a focus on gender diversity and a forward-looking approach in team composition.

Reflecting on the Impact of the Global Healthspan Summit

Reflecting on the impactful discourse during the summit, Dr. Mehmood Khan, CEO of Hevolution Foundation, emphasized the recurring theme of passion for innovation in revolutionizing a healthier aging future. As distinguished speakers from diverse sectors explored intricate healthspan sciences, ethical considerations in aging research, and emerging technologies like AI, it became evident that a collaborative shift is imperative to support the development of aging therapeutics.

Building upon this sentiment, Her Royal Highness Dr. Haya Khaled Al Saud, Vice President of Organizational Strategy and Development at Hevolution Foundation, expressed immense pride in the summit’s role in fostering diverse thinking within the Kingdom. She highlighted the summit’s potential to forge new connections and channels that will shape and catalyze the healthspan sector globally.

The pressing reality of a rapidly aging population enhances the urgency for collaborative action. By 2050, the global population over 60 is projected to double to 2 billion, with two-thirds residing in low- and middle-income countries. Dr. Mehmood Khan stresses that the Global Healthspan Summit is not merely a meeting but an essential forum for experts across disciplines and geographies, essential for confronting the universal challenge of unhealthy aging.

Continuing this transformative journey, initiatives like the Global Healthspan Summit stand as crucial milestones, steering collective efforts toward a future where longer, healthier lives are within reach for everyone. Dr. Mehmood Khan emphasizes that this event signifies not just progress but also signals the commencement of a purposeful, action-oriented collaboration vital for addressing the global challenge of unhealthy aging.

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