Dr. Ahmed Kaabneh

HOD - Consultant Interventional Radiology - NMC Royal Hospital, Khalifa City

“Non-surgical thyroid cyst treatment is available to all patients”

NMC Royal Hospital, Khalifa City has recently launched a non-surgical thyroid cyst treatment program, which is one of the comprehensive programs within the Thyroid Disorder Clinic. Dr. Ahmed Kaabneh, Consultant Interventional Radiology – NMC Royal Hospital, Khalifa City, talks about this program in the following interview.

When is this procedure necessary?

Thyroid cysts are benign fluid-filled cysts inside the thyroid gland. Depending on their size, they cause neck pain, difficulty swallowing, and swelling at the bottom of the neck. Non-surgical treatment is usually necessary in a patient with these symptoms.

What are the conditions that require non-surgical treatment?

This treatment is available to all patients because it obviates the need for surgical intervention. There are no medical conditions that would prevent the patient from receiving this treatment.

What are the advantages of this treatment in terms of safety and accuracy? In this context, to what extent does the doctor’s skill contribute to the success of the treatment?

This treatment or non-surgical intervention is entirely performed in the clinic by a specialist doctor using an ultrasound device, which allows the doctor to locate the thyroid cysts with high accuracy in order to treat them. Studies and scientific research that focused on this treatment have proven that it is very safe and has rare complications. 

The experience of the treating physician, like any medical intervention, plays an important role in the success of this treatment, especially in terms of helping to determine the appropriate amount of the substance used in the injection of these cysts to eradicate them. 

What types of non-surgical treatments are adopted in the Thyroid Disorder Clinic?

There are currently two types of non-surgical treatments adopted for the treatment of thyroid nodules or lumps.  The first treatment is used to remove the thyroid cysts, where the fluids are withdrawn from these cysts and then injected with a special substance to ensure that they do not return.  The second treatment is available for non-fluid small and benign nodules, as these nodules are cauterized with a special device to eliminate them.

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