Dr. Gilbert Ayoub

Chairman, HOD & Consultant General Surgeon

“We have the State-of-the-art Techniques and Instruments for Thyroid Surgeries”

There’s several Indications for Thyroid Surgeries:

  1. Nodular Goiter causing local Symptoms, Compression of the Trachea and difficulty swallowing. 
  2. Visible or sightly Mass.
  3. Nodule which might be Thyroid Cancer.
  4. Thyroid Cancer

There are many specific faced Challenges during the Thyroid Surgery because the Area of Interest is a high-Risk area since it contains the Vessels going to and from the Brain which can lead to severe Bleeding and even Brain Damage in extreme Cases, adding to Identification of the Parathyroids to the Damage Trachea, Esophagus or the vocal Cords Damage etc.. 

For all these Challenges we are using the Best available Machines and Methods in the Word including The Vocal Cord Neuromonitoring, and the State-of-the-Art Microscope for delicat Dissection. Last and not Least the Huge Experience of our Thyroid Surgeons.

The Type of Surgery is individually decided for each Patient which varies from partial Removal/Lobectomy to complete Thyroidectomy with or without Lymph nodes Neck Dissection in Cancer Cases. We use usually a minimal invasive access with 2-2,5 cm Incision length.

We are currently working on Our new know-how, the Scarless transoral Thyroidectomy Approach known to be the only Approach with invisible Incision Scar. We have the State-of-the-Art Techniques and Instruments including the Vocal Cord Neuromonitoring System, the newest Dissection Microscope for Thyroid and Neck Dissection Surgeries and the Latest Laboratory Frozen Section technique to get the Tissue histopathology Results even during the Surgery.

Adding to this we established a unique “One Step Thyroid Clinic” where the Patient gets all the Workout done in one day, starting by getting checked by an endocrinologist, referred to interventional radiologist for diagnostic (US, Uptake Scan, and Fine Needle Biopsy if needed), finishing by discussing the Treatment Plan with the Surgeon. This Time Management gives the Patient the best and pleasant Hospital Experience, quick Service and best Outcome.  Our Thyroid Surgeon is one of the few accredited and renominated Surgeons by the DOH for Complex Thyroid Surgeries and especially Redo Cases for recurrence and complicated Cancer Cases with a Vast Experience of several Thousands of done thyroid Cases in one of the Biggest and best Endocrinology centers in Germany. 

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