Dr. Sami Krimly

Head of dental Department Specialist in Prosthodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry

“The legacy of intraoral scanners in dentistry.”

The use of intraoral scanners (IOS) is now becoming a standard of care for the modern dentist and is the evidence of the revolution in digital dentistry. It is more reliable than physical silicon dental impressions, more accurate, more convenient to both, patients and dentists and faster.

Similar to digital cameras, the iOS saves a digital copy of the prepared tooth or group of teeth, in very high resolution (counts in micron precision).

This copy when acquired could be forwarded online instantly to the lab of choice to process the dental work.

In a different method (also available in Al-Ahli Hospital), this digital copy could be processed directly in the same clinic by the dentist where he does the design of the dental work and send it to be fabricated by a milling machine (also situated in the clinic) and get it ready for cementing immediately afterwards.

That makes it possible for example for a ceramic crown to be digitally made from A to Z on the spot and within a frame of 60 minutes (versus an average of 7 days in lab in the traditional methods).

The fact that the dental work is achieved fast, accurate and with least discomfort generates an immediate trust for patients pushing them to recommend the same for family and friends thus supporting the brand.

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