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Emirates Health Services earns the Emirati Board Accreditation for its Family Medicine program

The Emirates Health Services has achieved another milestone in its extensive portfolio of achievements by receiving a five-year accreditation from the National Institute for Health Specialties (NIHS) for its Family Medicine Programme. The certification follows the program successfully meeting the Emirates Board’s accreditation criteria.

This adds to the distinguished track-record of accomplishments by EHS, underlining its commitment to upholding international healthcare standards. It also emphasises the focus of EHS on providing excellent medical practices and nurturing a generation of qualified and experienced healthcare professionals.

H.E. Dr. Yousif Mohammed Al-Serkal, Director General of Emirates Health Services (EHS), said EHS has added another important milestone to its record that strengthens its position as one of the top healthcare organisations. He said that it honors EHS’s efforts in promoting healthy lifestyles and community wellbeing by developing preventive and mental health programs in addition to delivering advanced therapeutic services and ensuring their integration in line with the best medical and digital health practices.

He said that EHS is leading a radical transformation in the field of healthcare, driven by its comprehensive strategy. The goal is to create a sustainable healthcare system that enhances the UAE’s credentials in delivering world-class healthcare and enable the sector to compete regionally and globally. 

Dr. Haifa Hamad Faris, Consultant Family Physician, Director of Family Medicine Residency Program at EHS, said the NIHS accreditation for its Family Medicine speciality follows an accreditation from the Arab Board of Health Specializations. This is the result of the combined efforts of the administration and the skilled professionals, adding that the certification further enhances the status of EHS and underlines its leading role in strengthening the country’s health sector.


Dr. Layla Omran Taryam, Consultant Neonatologist, Head of Medical Education at EHS, said the accomplishment will further strengthen the efforts in delivering excellent healthcare services. This is vital for maintaining the track-record of successes and to strive for further achievements, which calls for sustained enhancements, reaffirming the Foundation’s commitment to pursue pioneering initiatives. 

EHS seeks to boost agility, develop capabilities, enhance the quality of services, and ensure the provision of healthcare services in accordance with the highest standards and requirements, and in line with UAE health policies and programs. EHS provide its facilities with advanced medical and nursing expertise and capabilities, to achieve international standards of efficiency and competitiveness, as well as enhance innovation and readiness. 

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