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Exciting Sponsorship Lineup Revealed for AfriSummit 2023

Meet the Visionary Companies that will be actively present at the Summit

AfriSummit, now in its highly anticipated third edition, is set to continue its tradition of being a paramount gathering for African medical device and pharmaceutical regulatory specialists, alongside industry professionals. This summit serves as an indispensable forum where these experts converge to exchange knowledge, engage in thought-provoking conversations, and stay abreast of the most recent developments in regulatory matters that significantly impact the African healthcare landscape.

One of the distinctive features of this year’s AfriSummit is its remarkable lineup of sponsors. At the forefront, we are honoured to have Sanofi as our Platinum Sponsor, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare in Africa. Our Gold Sponsor, Dolls Pharma, brings its wealth of experience and expertise to the table, further strengthening the summit’s mission to foster regulatory excellence in the region. Additionally, we are proud to welcome Utrace and Medical Regulations Gate (MRG) as our Silver Sponsors, both of whom play pivotal roles in shaping the regulatory landscape.

Lorenz Life Sciences Group, represented by Vector Life Sciences as their Africa’s Partner, joins us as a workshop sponsor for the highly anticipated eCTD Training session. This strategic partnership underscores the importance of knowledge sharing and collaboration in the pursuit of regulatory excellence.

ACG Inspection, a leading name in the industry, has enthusiastically come on board as our lunch sponsor. Furthermore, Cepheid has taken on the role of a session sponsor, emphasizing the importance of robust discussions and knowledge dissemination within the pharmaceutical regulatory sphere.

EXTEDO has joined AfriSummit 2023, as a Valued Exhibitor, a company that will provide attendees with the opportunity to explore cutting-edge solutions, participate in interactive showcases, and network with like-minded professionals. 

As sponsors, each of these esteemed companies recognizes the immense value of AfriSummit as a platform to exchange strategized ideas, perform in-depth analyses, and unveil exclusive new information. Furthermore, they are dedicated to sharing invaluable insights from their unique vantage points, offering fresh perspectives on the multifaceted aspects of regulatory affairs within the pharmaceutical industry.

AfriSummit 2023 has been meticulously designed with medical device and pharmaceutical professionals in mind, particularly those with a keen interest in regulatory affairs within the African context. The overarching goal of this event is to forge stronger regulatory partnerships between authorities and industry stakeholders. By doing so, we aim to reduce application and approval timelines, streamline the regulatory application process, and ultimately contribute to the swift availability of new medications for a healthier Africa.

The importance of regulatory affairs in the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors cannot be overstated. The rigorous oversight and standards set by regulatory bodies play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety, efficacy, and quality of medical products reaching patients. In Africa, where healthcare access is a pressing concern, the role of regulatory affairs takes on even greater significance. AfriSummit serves as a beacon of hope, bringing together experts who are committed to improving regulatory processes and ultimately advancing healthcare outcomes across the continent.

With each passing edition, AfriSummit continues to evolve and expand its influence. It has become a vital platform for networking, collaboration, and knowledge exchange. The collective efforts of sponsors, speakers, attendees, and organizers converge to create an event that propels the pharmaceutical and medical device industries forward in Africa.

In conclusion, AfriSummit 2023 promises to be an exceptional event that not only showcases the latest advancements in pharmaceutical and medical device regulatory affairs but also fosters partnerships, facilitates knowledge sharing, and, most importantly, contributes to the realization of a healthier Africa. 

We invite all stakeholders in the healthcare and regulatory sectors to join us in this collaborative endeavour and be part of the positive change for a healthier Africa.

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