Immunochemistry testing contributes to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic

Immunochemistry, the medical discipline that studies the immune system’s chemistry, plays an important role in the testing strategy to control this COVID-19 pandemic. Mass testing has become essential across most countries. Besides large testing capacities, results are needed fast, and they must be reliable. While molecular tests are accurate, they require highly skilled personnel throughout the testing process, sophisticated laboratory facilities and a longer time to deliver results. 

On the other hand, rapid tests have a lower reliability and do not achieve the large capacities required. A high-throughput SARS-CoV-2 antigen laboratory test that yields accurate and reliable results in a very short time would be the solution for laboratories to cope with the challenging workload.

What Sysmex does – our strengths in laboratory diagnostics

For more than 50 years Sysmex has been helping clinical laboratories across the globe with reliable and efficient diagnostics solutions, for example in areas such as haematology, haemostasis, and urinalysis.

The increase in productivity and the clinical value provided by our products and their results support the laboratories, but equally benefit the clinicians and, ultimately, the patients involved.

How Sysmex can support you in immunochemistry testing with the HISCL-5000

Now, Sysmex extends its offering to the immunochemistry laboratory. By providing a solution that meets their needs in the evolving pandemic, we can support laboratories, clinicians, and patients with results you can have confidence in, based on a technology you can trust. So you can be ready to welcome the challenges.

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