Jad Srouji

Regional Director MEA of Belimed AG

“With over 50 years of history, our priority at Belimed is to empower our customers to advance medical care and protect lives of patients and staff”

Appropriate disinfection and sterilization is crucial in healthcare settings to avoid contamination and illness in both patients and professionals. “Hospitals” magazine had the chance to discuss the importance of infection control with Mr. Srouji, Regional Director of Belimed, a leading supplier of medical and surgical instrument sterilization, disinfection, and cleaning products and services. Below is the full interview:

Let’s begin by discussing Belimed. Could you elaborate on the company’s inception, its vision in the realm of infection control, and the extent of its global presence?

Belimed has its headquarters in Zug Switzerland and is part of the Metall Zug Group of companies. The Group has around 2,400 employees. As part of our vision to be the leaders in our field, Belimed’s focus is solely on our core competency of infection control.

With over 50 years of history, our priority at Belimed is to empower our customers to advance medical care and protect lives of patients and staff.

Known as engineers of confidence, we continually evolve our technology-driven portfolio, innovate ways to improve reliability, efficiency and sustainability in sterile processing departments.

At Belimed we partner with our customers to make sure their needs are accurately assessed, understood and addressed, our dedicated teams provide superior levels of service, and we are forever innovating better ways to improve performance, efficiencies and sustainability.

What are the innovative solutions and methods offered by Belimed?

Prior to offering our customized solutions, we truly listen to our customers, ensuring to deliver a complete range of medical cleaning disinfection and sterilization solutions. Our global offer includes planning and advisory services, cutting-edge equipment, consumables and services with a clear focus on best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Our excellent operational and after-care services are enabled by data-driven solutions, training and education programs to empower our customers.

Could you provide an overview of the specialized devices and technologies that you offer within the domain of infection control?

Our cutting-edge equipment includes a wide range of washer disinfectors, high-end sterilizer machines with horizontal or vertical sliding doors with a variety of volumes, Endoscopy AERs, cart washers, SmartHub Software Solution, chemicals, in addition to the complete range of accessories and furniture to cater to all the needs of establishing a state-of-the-art Sterilization Department.

What unique attributes or advantages distinguish your company from competitors in the field?

Our main aim is to provide a real solution to the customer, and by that we mean to partner with our clients, truly understand and address all their needs, worries and problems in order to provide the best customized solution that fits and optimizes their outcome.

To achieve that, our team of experts provide a matrix of services starting with the planning and design where surgical workflow is the utmost priority, combining that with the cutting-edge machines, a full range of accessories, educational program in our specialized academy, excellent operation and after-sales services. Our Belimed R&D focuses on providing sustainable equipment options to lower customers’ operational cost.

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