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“Our primary focus is on spearheading digital transformation across various sectors, with a strong emphasis on healthcare.”

In a world where digital transformation is rapidly reshaping industries, EVOTEQ stands out as a beacon of innovation and technological advancement in the United Arab Emirates. Under the leadership of CEO Jihad Tayara, the company has made significant strides in digitalizing various sectors, with a special focus on healthcare. In a recent interview with “Hospitals” Magazine, Tayara sheds light on EVOTEQ’s journey, its impactful projects like the “Tatmeen” platform, and the company’s ambitious vision for the future.

Could you start by highlighting the importance of digital solutions, especially in the healthcare sector?

Digital solutions have become more important than ever, particularly in the dynamic environments of the UAE and Saudi Arabia. They are not just tools but essential elements for the functioning of modern institutions, both in the public and private sectors. The healthcare sector in the UAE has immensely benefited from this technological shift. During the pandemic, digital solutions played a crucial role in managing and mitigating crises, from tracking vaccine distribution to optimizing patient care. These technologies have transformed healthcare delivery, making it more efficient, accessible, and responsive to patient needs.

“Tatmeen” is a significant project for EVOTEQ. Can you elaborate on its role in the digital transformation of the UAE?

 “Tatmeen” is not just a platform; it’s a testament to the UAE’s commitment to digital excellence. It’s a pivotal project that symbolizes the nation’s forward-thinking approach to healthcare digitization. This platform serves as a technological bridge with the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, meticulously monitoring and managing the pharmaceutical supply chain. It’s a sophisticated system that ensures the integrity and efficiency of drug distribution from manufacturers to end-users. This platform is a cornerstone in our mission to revolutionize healthcare through technology, ensuring that every stakeholder in the pharmaceutical industry is connected and synchronized.

EVOTEQ has a diverse range of operations. Could you discuss the company’s main areas of work and the technological solutions it offers?

 EVOTEQ operates at the intersection of technology and innovation. Our primary focus is on spearheading digital transformation across various sectors, with a strong emphasis on healthcare. We strive to forge partnerships with government entities and large corporations, integrating digitalization into their core functions. Our solutions are not just about technology; they’re about creating ecosystems that enhance performance, streamline operations, and improve public services. “Tatmeen” is a prime example of this, specifically focusing on the healthcare sector. It’s a
platform that represents the culmination of our expertise in digitalization, offering a comprehensive solution for managing the healthcare supply chain.

Tell us more about the “Tatmeen” project, one of your major initiatives for tracking pharmaceuticals in the UAE.

 “Tatmeen” is a pioneering project, a unique collaboration between the public and private sectors. Supervised by EVOTEQ, it exemplifies our commitment to utilizing technology for societal benefit. The project revolves around the pharmaceutical supply chain, employing advanced technology for tracking medications, identifying unauthentic drugs, and facilitating the removal of expired drugs from the market. This platform is a critical tool for the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, providing an unprecedented level of transparency and control over the pharmaceutical sector. The concept for “Tatmeen” emerged from a tender issued by the government in 2020, and we were honored to be selected for this significant national initiative.

What significance does this project hold for EVOTEQ?

For EVOTEQ, “Tatmeen” is a project that lies at the heart of our mission. It’s an embodiment of our commitment to enhancing the efficiency of government operations through digital transformation. The project holds immense significance as it places us at the forefront of the digital revolution in the healthcare sector. The platform’s ability to monitor drug compliance, ensure efficient market withdrawals, and manage the supply chain is vital for the safety and well-being of the UAE’s citizens and residents. It’s a project that reflects our values and dedication to leveraging technology for the greater good.

 What are some of the notable achievements of “Tatmeen” since its inception?

 Since its launch, “Tatmeen” has marked a series of significant achievements, a testament to its impact and effectiveness. We have successfully integrated over 5,845 medical institutions onto the platform, with more than 5,000 active users benefiting from its capabilities. Additionally, we have supported 5,800 partners in connecting with the platform. The system has efficiently managed the distribution of pharmaceutical products across 4,613 establishments, with 601 distributors and 546 manufacturers playing a crucial role in the supply chain. One of the most significant milestones has been the handling of 7,800 import permits and the registration of 7,300 pharmaceutical products. These figures not only demonstrate the platform’s extensive reach and utilization but also its pivotal role in streamlining the UAE’s pharmaceutical industry.

How can the success of this project be leveraged in other fields?

The success of “Tatmeen” in the pharmaceutical domain is just the beginning. Our vision extends to applying this model to other critical sectors, such as medical devices and potentially veterinary drugs. The smart tracking system established by “Tatmeen” can be adapted and applied to these new domains, enhancing efficiency and transparency. The creation of the Emirates Drug Institution is a step in the right direction, offering a unified approach to pharmaceutical management. We are optimistic about future collaborations, aiming to extend the benefits of this platform to other areas in need of similar technological solutions.

Finally, could you share EVOTEQ’s future vision and expansion plans in the current digital transformation era?

 Our vision for the future is ambitious yet grounded in the reality of the ever-evolving digital landscape. We aim to be at the forefront of introducing technological innovations and digital transformation across all sectors. The success of “Tatmeen” in the UAE has captured the attention of several countries in the region. We are eager to replicate and adapt this model in other countries, tailoring it to their specific needs and challenges. As digital transformation continues to gain momentum, EVOTEQ is committed to playing a leading role in shaping the future, not just in the UAE but across the entire region.

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