LINET: 30 Years With You

Jitka Stranska, Managing Director LINET MEA

This year is quite special for LINET. Our company was able to respond to the extreme demands of the COVID-19 pandemic under difficult conditions. To meet the growing needs of healthcare, we have begun 24-hour production in our facility for the first time in our 30-year history.

A unifying aspect of all three decades since the founding of LINET, which we celebrate this year, has been continuous development, and one of our strongest achievements is the establishment of partnerships and a presence in the health care systems of the MEA region. We are honored that mutual interaction and inspiration allow LINET to look for new ways to move forward far and wide. 

LINET is expanding and changing, but our basic goal remains the same – deliver innovative solutions that respond to the real needs of healthcare, such as the current growing need for the effective care of patients with ARDS and pulmonary complications.

Therefore, we want to enhance the effects of therapy with an emphasis on our unique benefits – frame-based lateral tilt and automatic lateral therapy. Together with this, it is a priority for us to provide front-line healthcare professionals with a safe and ergonomic platform for their dedicated work.

Thank you all for helping us create an exceptional LINET story. Our mutual story.

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