Maher Elhassan

Vice President and General Manager, BD, MENAT

“The efforts of nurses are priceless, and we will continue to support them with the necessary upskilling and tools to ensure they focus on what matters most to them: providing the best care for their patients”

How important is the role of nurses in delivering patient-centric care, safety, and experiences?

Nurses balance numerous responsibilities in their jobs while maintaining their own mental and physical well-being. They spend most time with patients and uncover vital information about their health, and therefore – are patient advocates who cater to their needs while enabling doctors to make better decisions and treatment plans.

The entire patient care journey is highly impacted by the safe and efficient manner in which nurses can fulfil their duties. Because of this, it is vital that they are empowered with the right tools and innovations to deliver care to their patients with industry-leading solutions that match today’s healthcare challenges.

And that is why keeping them safe and satisfied is at the heart of what we do as they are the enablers to drive our purpose of advancing the world of healthTM and to deliver patient-centric care models across the entire continuum of care.  

Tell us more about the partnership that BD and SNA have signed and the impact it aims to drive.

Our partnership with the Saudi Nursing Association gives us the opportunity to help bolster the healthcare system in the Kingdom by empowering Saudi Healthcare workers with best practices, trainings, and solutions. 

The collaboration is aimed at extending BD’s signature programs and initiatives across the Kingdom that will enable knowledge exchange and experiences in areas of patient safety, healthcare workers’ safety and efficiency.

Together, with SNA we will contribute to a more sustainable healthcare system in the Kingdom, aligned with its health sector transformation program, and the Saudi National Vision 2030. 

What tools and innovations does BD offer nurses to ensure safety and care? And how do BD’s tools contribute to the safety of nurses and not just patients?

Patient safety events, staff shortages, or inefficiencies along the continuum of care are examples of acute challenges that can impact the sustainability of our healthcare systems for today and tomorrow’s generations. 

Our BD Signature Programmes embody our commitment to sustainable healthcare and helps in addressing such challenges. 

As part of our Patient Safety signature program for example, we aim to equip nurses and healthcare providers with the knowledge, tools, and solutions to: 

  • Help prevent healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and support treatment management
  • Help prevent medication errors

Similarly, our healthcare workers signature program is designed to address staff shortages and drive staff satisfaction through trainings and solutions to:

  • Help address their psychological, ergonomic, bloodborne pathogens, radiation and hazardous drugs hazards in the workplace
  • Help enable more time for patient care and added-value tasks through standardization and automation
  • Help build and promote a culture of healthcare worker safety through differentiated services

Our innovations help drive significant impact, but they are only one part of the patient care journey. We need the human element from the hardworking nurses on the frontline to wield these powerful MedTech innovations to save lives across the country. The efforts of nurses are priceless, and we will continue to support them with the necessary upskilling as we continuously devise and improve our existing tools and programs to contribute to more resilient and sustainable work environments to ensure nurses and all healthcare practitioners focus on what matters most to them: providing the best care for their patients. 

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