Maher Elhassan

Vice President and General Manager, MENAT at BD

“We aim to apply our continued mission to advancing the world of health”

BD has been at the forefront of providing the best in medical technologies and will continue to do so, as it strives to deliver excellence and enhance healthcare experience, looking forward to expanding and driving impact in the lives of medical professionals and patients through the safety and care of its MedTech innovations throughout the region and beyond. “Hospitals” magazine interviewed Mr. Maher Elhassan, Vice President and General Manager, MENAT at BD.

What are some of BD’s key initiatives that are supporting the region’s healthcare systems?

We believe collaborations that bridge organizations with communities are a crucial step to creating a better patient care experience for all healthcare systems, and key initiatives with public and private sectors across the region have been an encouraging step forward.

BD has deployed many approaches to spread awareness on patient safety. For example, the company runs engaging activities across various channels, including that of educating Healthcare Care Professionals (HCPs) on how MedTech innovations can help reduce medication errors and infections. 

Additionally, BD also engages with distributors and partners to provide training to enhance the use of MedTech innovations in the region and empower healthcare providers to nurture a culture of patient safety and improved outcomes.

Furthermore, BD has leveraged digital channels, with campaigns that help raise awareness for patient care and safety and best practices.

This has also been boosted by our long-established Center for Safety and Clinical Excellence in Dubai, as it demonstrates the potential of MedTech innovations and specialized training for the many needs of today’s healthcare demands. BD is always committed to improving accuracy, medication management, biosciences, lab automation, and infection prevention to ensure optimization and safety throughout the entire healthcare experience.

Can you shed light on some of the key medical technologies and trends in MENAT?

The industry is currently witnessing the impact of AI and IoT, and how healthcare providers can increase efficiency, lower costs, and more importantly, refocus on enhancing the patient care journey. With the advent of technology, we are able to monitor health remotely as patients are able to take better control of their wellbeing, helping us to analyze the activities of the body, heart rates, blood glucose and so on. The integration of AI and machine learning will also enable healthcare providers to efficiently gather, analyze and use patient data more efficiently.

Patient involvement has increased, as clinicians will find it easier to track and monitor a patient’s vitals, while doctor visits have significantly decreased, saving overall costs on both ends. These new technologies not only put the power of a person’s wellbeing in their own hands but alleviates the pressures of healthcare challenges on medical professionals. These inevitable changes are things we must all adapt to, and the use of IoT devices will increase by a significant amount. It truly is the future of healthcare. 

The increased awareness of Patient Safety challenges, amplified by the pandemic, is escalating the demand for a partnership approach to create a patient safety culture.

What are you showcasing at Arab Health/Medlab this year? 

Events such as Arab Health and Medlab play an essential part in improving the healthcare systems in the region. It gives us the opportunity to exchange crucial insights and present essential innovations that are constantly striving to enhance the patient care journey.

Keeping patients at the core of our focus and efforts, the collaboration between our Medication Management Systems, Medication Delivery Systems and Interventional business, BD will be able to demonstrate the full potential of our innovations.

We have pioneered systems that have boosted scientific and technical support in increasing laboratory efficiencies and outcomes. This year, we showcased next-generation flow cytometry, automate sample preparation instruments and patient solution POC devices that combine simplicity and speed to improve productivity through seamlessly integrated workflows. With the combination of instrumentations with our advanced reagents and leading-edge bioinformatics, we brought forward the standardization of immunophenotyping, HIV disease monitoring and drive deeper insights from immunology to cancer biology and discoveries related to diagnosis and medical treatments.

Additionally, we displayed integrated solutions of products and services that comprehensively support healthcare providers across care areas. That included safe and integrated specimen collection, specimen diagnosis and data management. We also had experts from BD at our respective booths presenting insightful sessions highlighting many MedTech trends and best practices in the MENA region.

From solutions addressing medication, error challenges to minimizing errors for pharmacy teams, we will have a host of solutions for medical professionals so that they can deliver the safest and best care available. 

What is your strategy for MENA and investments that are supporting you in this journey? 

In our continued mission to advance the world of health, our aim is to consistently deliver value-based care, boost efficiency, quality, and levels of protection against the many healthcare-related risks for patients and healthcare professionals. BD is aware that the region is comprised of different regulations and economies that are in various stages of their healthcare challenges and developments. Therefore, we work very closely with public and private sector organizations to enhance patient safety, while delivering best healthcare outcomes in the region.  It is essential that we listen carefully to local healthcare providers about their needs, policymakers who require effective strategies, caregivers who need support and patients who deserve the best treatments.

We aim to accelerate patient interventions by automation, integration and technologies that improve medication management and diagnosis through the latest innovations and high quality of training. 

BD has been at the forefront of providing the best in medical technologies and will continue to do so, as we strive to deliver excellence and enhance the healthcare experience. 

We look forward to expanding and driving impact in the lives of medical professionals and patients through the safety and care of our MedTech innovations throughout the region and beyond.

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