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METAVERSE… The Other Universe

By Aylin Altuntas, Founder at AA Executive Consulting / Board Member at The Future Healthcare Conference

Future X Events Global is organising IMAGINE TURKIYE -Travel and Medical Tourism Conference- at British Museum on 19-20 April as an outstanding luxury event in London. The following event will be THE ELITE SHOW for Gulf Countries Luxury Travel market in Antalya on May 17th.

‘Oh man! Get out of your comfort zone!’

‘Dude! This is Middle East, which comfort are you talking about?’

We, as the people belonging to an archaic history, must have developed a strong coping mechanism against the hostilities and wars as a part of human nature. Right after a global pandemic, The Gulf Region is finding its own ways to cope with the financial, social and political problems.

One of the most popular subjects of 2022 is Metaverse.

New World in Health: The Healthcare Supermarkets with the organs produced by 3D printers, the tablet like organic nanobots fixing the deformation of cells, the robot nurses taking-care of the needs and loneliness of the aged population, medical education in metaverse, wearable smart clothes, the cells programmed with synthetic biology, personalized AI technology at diagnosis and treatment of illnesses…

Metaverse is a virtual product sales market. For a generation growing up in technology, it is easier and cooler to enter into the Metaverse World and try a dress with the avatar than stepping in to a store. The art community is trying to solve their copyright problem with NFT (originality certificate). There are subjects like the booming game sector, the digital money and the virtual assets in the cities of the Meta World; the cyber security problems as well as the questions of who will protect the big data and how this data will be used. So, we have a lot to talk about how stores, shopping centres, schools, hospitals and most of all, PEOPLE will change in the future?

World Economic Forum at the Global Risk Report, revealed the 5 highest risks humanity will face, as the pandemic is coming to an end: First 3 risks are about the catastrophes triggered by the Climate Change and the loss of bio-diversity on Earth; the other 2 are about the problems caused by social in-coherence and the existential crises.

The pandemic has thrown the humanity into two edges: This year 205 million people are expected to loose their jobs. The pandemic added 108 million people to the poor & very poor numbers of global 2019 statistics. 99% of the humanity faced a loss of income during the Pandemic. The rise of energy and commodity prices with the Russian-Ukrainian war not to mention, add extra burden to the undeveloped countries. On the other hand, the wealth of the 10 richest people on Earth doubled during the Pandemic reaching to 1.3 trillion with 1.4% of the World Economy. The income gap reached to a level that, even if these 10 people loose the 99.999% of their wealth today, their income is still higher than 99% of the total World population.

Change and Development are 2 different concepts: Digital transformation is one face of the global change process of the World. The other faces are the climate change and the psychological-sociological-economic-political crises. The climate crises is the result of the past industrial revolution, which uses fossil oils in transportation, concrete blocks, the cleaning and all the other manufacturing products that we use every day. Socially, it was an era to end the aristocracy and the peasantry while creating the labourer and the bourgeoisie classes.

The Technological Revolution will have its own positive and negative consequences for the human being who is the part of a live ecosystem. For example, according to Bloomberg USA News, more than half of the booming number of tech companies during the pandemic is not profitable.   For those who are searching for a land in Metaverse, the amount of unprofitable stocks in the market is the double of the previous tech bubble.

Change does not always proceed on an up going trend. After the Atomic bombs causing 220 thousand casualties, Einstein said: “If I had only known, I would be a locksmith rather than a scientist.” The humanity may not have used the invention of nucleus in another atomic bomb but the discovery is used science, in the development of many other sectors including health services.

Finally, I asked myself the question: “Would you prefer to live in the Flintstones or the Jetsons?” The epic cartoons of our childhood age when we dreamed of an ecstatic life. My answer to the question is Jetsons. All the technological developments in Jetsons are created and are being used today. Holograms, smart watches, gps, search engines, smart phones with video chats, cleaning robots and even the flying cars. Are we happy after all? OMG! Too many questions following each other… Let’s say, better with Metaverse,

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