Mr. Elie Medawar

Founder and CEO of MedboX

“Our products are unique in terms of specifications and features.”

MedboX SAL and MedboX Medical Equipment Trading LLC represent only worldwide leading suppliers having common and niche products for various medical specialties and various segments. “Hospitals” Magazine had the pleasure to meet with Mr. Elie Medawar, Founder and CEO of MedboX. Below is the full interview.

Firstly, could you shed light on MedboX company? What was its inception like? And what are the vision and missions it operates upon?

MedboX SAL was launched in October 2016 with the goal to become a leading company in the healthcare business industry supporting multinational companies to penetrate various markets across the region focusing in the beginning on Public Safety and EMS segments, growing into Military and Hospitals segments where we currently are at this stage. 

The start was difficult at all levels, however, discipline, and consistency was the major key success factors to where we are now. Today’s vision is to expand in product portfolio and geographically in the region and beyond where we have projects in the pipelines. 

What are the expected goals?

Our current goals are to continue serving the healthcare sector with our Diamond Standards representing only worldwide leading suppliers each in its segment on one hand. On the other hand, we are growing our pool of distributors in the region to reach more markets and more segments.

What is the company’s reach and expansion? How extensive is it, whether within the Arab region or in terms of projects?

MedboX is now present directly in Lebanon and in the UAE serving both markets at a very high level of professionalism covering various segments such as Public Safety, EMS, Police, Fire, Military and Hospitals. 

Lately, we launched Healthcare Salon under MedboX SAL which is a social media platform where we will be connecting all healthcare stakeholders together such as manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, sellers, resellers, hospitals, physicians, insurance companies and others. 

Could you tell us about the most prominent devices and technologies available within your company? What are the accredited specifications?

MedboX SAL and MedboX Medical Equipment Trading LLC represent only worldwide leading suppliers having common and niche products for various medical specialties and various segments.

 90% of our products are FDA-approved, very well established worldwide and most of our products are unique in terms of specifications and features, such as our Automated External Defibrillators, our Defibrillators, our Monitors, our CPR Automated devices, Ventilators and others; few of them are unique with no competition available such as Thermogard from ZOLL, the Unique Temperature Management and Control system available on the International market. 

What about the foremost projects currently in progress?

Now we penetrated the Handheld Ultrasound industry with Butterfly Network, the worldwide leading Handheld Ultrasound device, also expanding our hospital’s  reach in
all markets. 

What are the key services provided by the company?

We massively deployed all our products in both Lebanon and UAE, the best part is we already saved the lives of 9 persons with our AED, the public Automated External Defibrillators and that is the best feeling anyone can have. By the way every time we receive a call that a life is saved we play the song ”Safe & Sound” very loudly in our offices!

We’d like to discuss your team and their expertise and efficiency in their work. In your opinion, what is the significance of a competent human element in supporting and enhancing the company’s operations?

I call them “The Dream Team” and they are. I always say it they are the company; they are the image of the company. We have versatile personalities in the team with various backgrounds such as Engineering, Nursing, Biomarketers and others. Their passion towards work tells everything you need to know; they just work 24/7 without anyone asking them to do so.

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