New network of plasma donation centers in Egypt is fully equipped with LINET chairs

Egypt opened 6 new plasma donation centers this week, fully equipped with LINET’s Pura chairs. Plasma collection is one of the key priorities of the Ministry of Health and these outpatient facilities are part of the national strategy. Its goal is the availability of plasma as a key substance for the treatment of many chronic diseases, including liver and kidney diseases. In practice, plasma collection takes place on the multifunctional Pura chairs, which provide donors with comfort and ensure that the plasma donation centers have a hygienic and variable space for a completely trouble-free collection.

“As part of the newly built network of plasma donation centers, we delivered a total of 262 Pura chairs to Egypt. Their versatility, above-standard hygienic parameters and maximum emphasis on comfort enable the collection of plasma in top conditions,” said Jitka Stranska, Managing Director LINET MEA. “This is a unique, prestigious order in terms of volume since 2018, when we launched the Pura chairs on the market,” she added.

Egypt´s health minister Hala Zayed tested the Pura chairs and donated plasma in Ehab Serag El-Din Centre for blood transfusion services in Giza’s Al-Agouza district, becoming the first permanent plasma donor. At the same time, she announced the inauguration of plasma collection services in six centers across five Egyptian governorates, including three in Greater Cairo.

Only 29% of countries obtain their hemoderivatives through nationally collected plasma. Egypt´s Ministry of Health and Population declared that 20 centers for plasma collection will be established by the end of 2023 as well as strategic central storage within president Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s initiative to achieve self-sufficiency in plasma derivatives.

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