NITROCARE: Innovation is our secret recipe

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NITROCARE is a member of Gökler Group specialized in hospital furniture and medical equipment. It has proved its unique designs to the world by developing its quality and flexible production. “Hospitals” magazine recently interviewed Göksel ARAS CEO “NITROCARE”  and Gökhan ARAS Board Member “NITROCARE” to highlight the company and its future plans.

Would you please brief us about NITROCARE? When was it established? What is your mission? 

NITROCARE was established in 2009 as a member of Gökler Group specialized in hospital furniture and medical equipment, it has then spread to the world. NITROCARE supported by the power and history of Gökler Group has quickly become a leader company in the domestic market. At the same time, it is considered today one of the most important players in the international market. 

NITROCARE, which serves with the principle of ‘The assurance of success and sustainability in production is honesty and quality in the service’, sustains its progress emphatically in being a world-brand as the ascending value of Anatolia.

What are the medical equipment and hospital furniture that you produce? 

Gökler Group produces both medical and non-medical furniture that all kinds of businesses such as the health sector, hospitals, clinics consider as turnkey solutions.

NITROCARE is specialized in the medical sector with many award-winning products.Nitrocare managed to rank among the leading producers in the sector, by increasing its production capacity day by day with its high technology machine park at 80.000 SQM indoor areas.

What is the difference and specifications of your products?

Innovation is our secret recipe. Our international team of designers works closely with caregivers from all around the world to design and enhance products for the safety and comfort of the patients. 

NITROCARE has proved its unique designs to the world by developing its quality and flexible production skills with its expert designers, and it won ‘RED DOT DESIGN AWARD, GOOD INDUSTRIAL DESIGN, GOOD DESIGN AWARD, GERMAN DESIGN AWARD, IF DESIGN AWARD INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARD and PRODUCT DESIGN AWARD’ international design awards. It will continue its nomination in worldwide awards with its new products.

Fixed principles of the firm have been quality products, systematic working, qualified service, delivery in time and affordable prices. It has proved to its customers that it values the quality product with its quality certificates and it received recompense with its exports to more than 104 countries, international design awards that it received and with its place among Turkey’s fastest-growing 100 companies.

Where do we find NITROCARE products? In which countries and which hospitals? 

Currently, we export NITROCARE products to more than 104 countries around the world. Our network of partners is in daily contact with Hospitals and Clinics to offer, install and maintain NITROCARE products.

Recently, we started our regional office in Dubai to cover and support our partners and customers in the Middle East and Africa region by a team of sales & service managers.  

What about your future plans? 

Our aim is to deliver NITROCARE quality products to every hospital and clinic around the world and ensure that we can use our innovation and technology to help patients and caregivers. 

NITROCARE proceeds to the future with firm steps with its dynamic working team, its product range increasing day by day and its developing machine park.

NITROCARE will keep making innovations, working non-stop and will reach new objectives, succeed with new successes with its distinction and quality. So ‘Nitrocare Signature’ is a prestige and this signature brings excellence to life. 

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