Sam Amory

Managing Director for Dedalus MEA

“Dedalus has implemented an Information Security Management System (ISMS) aligned with ISO 27001”

Dedalus is a global leading software company, one of the largest in the world. It offers open standard-based holistic solutions to support a radical change from an “episodic centric” approach to the “continuum of care”. ‘Hospitals’ magazine interviewed Mr. Sam Amory, Managing Director for Dedalus MEA, who talked about the company and the complex digital healthcare solution benefits.

What are the biggest challenges facing the healthcare system today?

There is still a huge backlog of elective surgeries in the aftermath of Covid-19. We are also facing a global issue of personnel shortages due to ever increasing pressure and demand with an aging population. We are seeing burnout and fatigue, as well as recruitment and retention struggles. Healthcare equity is a huge challenge that the healthcare system faces, we still see large portions of underprivileged communities being unable to access even the most basic healthcare needs.

How can digital transformation and AI reduce caregivers administrative burden, thereby alleviating workforce shortage challenges we are facing globally?

Digital transformation and the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have emerged as game-changers in the healthcare sector, offering innovative solutions to alleviate the administrative burden on caregivers, thereby addressing global workforce shortage challenges. Dedalus Enterprise Management (EM) stands as a prime example of this transformation. This modular, scalable hospital information system supports end-to-end workflows, enabling streamlined operations and optimized resource utilization. Its adoption offers numerous benefits, including increased productivity, cost reduction, risk mitigation, improved patient safety, heightened patient satisfaction, and the instantaneous delivery of critical information at the point of care.

Hospital Information System approach, EM covers administration, financials, clinical and clinical support, system management, and interoperability services. This comprehensive coverage fosters interoperability and seamless data exchange across functional areas within healthcare facilities, resulting in improved collaboration among clinicians and informed decision making.

We have witnessed a huge progress in telehealth and telemedicine since the Covid pandemic. How did you cope with this challenging time?

At Dedalus, we effectively navigated the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic by embracing the surge in demand for telehealth services, which were crucial for maintaining social distancing. To ensure a smooth transition, we seamlessly integrated telehealth into our existing processes. Patients could conveniently book both telehealth and traditional appointments directly through our patient administration system, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry and preserving our established workflow.

Our commitment to comprehensive care remained unwavering during telehealth consultations. Dedalus ensured that patients and clinicians had access to the full suite of capabilities provided by platforms like TEAMS, including features such as sharing, video conferencing, audio communication, and chat functionality. This approach led to a notable decrease in patient no-shows, as physical visits to our facility were no longer mandatory. This transformation not only improved access to care but also saved patients valuable time and reduced work disruptions, ultimately contributing to greater patient equity.

Dedalus is a leading healthcare and diagnostic software provider in the world, can you tell us how a complex digital healthcare solution benefits the individual or the patient healthcare journey?

Dedalus has recently launched its latest command centre solution. At its core, we believe in four essential principles that make the Dedalus Command Centre truly effective.

Firstly, we are able to provide you a real-time X-ray view of your operations, looking at potential risks and a surveillance system that keeps things in check.

Secondly, we digitize core metrics, allowing healthcare organizations to monitor vital measures and assess their progress toward specific targets.

Our Command Centre is further bolstered by an AI-powered expert rules engine, which intelligently understands challenges and seamlessly integrates actionable insights into the healthcare team’s workflow.

Lastly, we are unlocking the treasure chest of information that fuels the Command Centre. And you can get all of that in sub second.

By implementing the Dedalus Command Centre, organizations can enhance the utilization of their operating theatres by up to 20%, thanks to real-time insights that lead to improved decision making and optimized patient care. This innovation benefits both healthcare providers and individual patients by ensuring the best possible healthcare journey and outcomes.

We can see that healthcare is shifting to a more personalized care but we still see many traditional healthcare organizations stuck in the old system. What are you doing as a company to help them shift to a more personalized approach to care?

At Dedalus, we are focused on a patient-active approach, to overcome the passive patient-centred approach. As mentioned previously, perhaps our number one challenge is related to workforce shortages. Taking on this challenge requires special features such as automated workflows, solutions that are able to provide clinical knowledge, and we must encourage upskilling based on content and guidelines and make sure we relieve healthcare providers of any non-patient related work.

Collaboration across specialties and departments becomes effortless, ensuring a holistic approach to patient care. This interconnectedness translates to comprehensive diagnoses, well-coordinated treatment plans, and an overall improved patient journey.

A critical aspect of Dedalus’ solution is patient empowerment. Through secure patient portals, individuals gain access to their medical records, test results, and treatment plans. This transparency fosters a sense of involvement in their own healthcare journey, enabling patients to make informed decisions and actively engage with their care providers.

We know that the future of healthcare is digital but there is a great concern when it comes to digitalisation; cyber security. Can you tell us how you tackle this particular challenge?

We provide solutions that are edge-proof or “any cloud” proof, ensuring privacy and security. For example, our new IT backbone architecture is based on privacy and security with the introduction of a security operation centre. Dedalus has implemented an Information Security Management System (ISMS) aligned with ISO 27001.

“Life Flows Through Our Software” what a beautiful statement. Can you tell us more about the vision and mission of Dedalus?

Dedalus proudly holds its place as a global leader in the software industry, ranking among the world’s largest and most influential companies. Our sphere of influence extends across the entire continuum of care, as we specialize in providing comprehensive, open standard-based solutions. These solutions serve as a catalyst for a profound shift in healthcare from a traditional ‘episodic-centric’ approach to a more patient-centric ‘continuum of care’ paradigm. Our unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation underscores our commitment to advancing healthcare on a global scale.

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