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Tawam Hospital caters to 20,000 oncology patients last year

The SEHA-affiliated facility further strengthens its position on the national map of healthcare as one of the best facilities for cancer treatment

Tawam Hospital, part of Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), the UAE’s largest healthcare network, has provided expert oncology services to over 20,000 outpatients during the year 2020, further bolstering its position across the national and regional healthcare landscape. The facility also catered to the medical needs of over 1,200 inpatients and successfully completed more than 400 surgeries for adult patients and another 480 surgeries for pediatric patients.

Dr. Khalid Saeed Balaraj, Chair of Oncology Services, Tawam Hospital, said: “Tawam Hospital continues to boast a rich legacy of distinguished care and high recovery rates for the UAE’s and the region’s cancer patients. Our long-standing success is a result of our remarkable healthcare professionals, with their world-class expertise and unwavering commitment to patient care carving the path to the provision of compassionate, excellent healthcare. This, paired with the latest in medical technology and innovation, has set us apart as leaders in the treatment of oncology diseases.”

Tawam Hospital’s Oncology Department recently completed a comprehensive refurbishment across many of its divisions. As part of the enhancements, the facility updated its equipment and resources with the latest in technology and innovation, including Artificial Intelligence, to strengthen its provision of care in line with international standards. 

“We take pride in offering our patients a unique experience, built on years of experience taking care of the country’s population with the highest standards of clinical care, safety, and empathy. We are committed to leveraging the latest in scientific evidence and data to improve our services, ensuring our patients always receive the best possible care. This includes the consideration of patients’ nationalities and backgrounds, comfort levels, financial restrictions, etc., ensuring we always adopt a multidisciplinary approach to address their needs holistically and with agility,” added Dr. Balaraj. 

Tawam Hospital is particularly renowned for its Breast Care Center, which is the preferred healthcare choice for many UAE-based breast cancer patients. Since its establishment in 2007, Tawam Hospital’s Breast Care Center’s multidisciplinary team of radiologists, surgeons, nurses and social workers have been providing holistic expert medical care to citizens and residents. 

With a particular focus on early diagnosis and treatment, the center is equipped with the latest scanning and diagnostic resources, including a mobile mammography breast screening unit, which efficiently bridges the gap between the service and the community. Other screening services include physical breast examination, surgical consultation, ultrasound scanning, breast MRI, ultrasound-guided biopsy, stereotactic-guided biopsy, and MRI-guided biopsy. In addition to its screening efforts, the Tawam Hospital Breast Cancer Center is devoted to increasing awareness amongst the population around self-checks, regular screening, and other preventative measures to encourage the early diagnosis of tumors, and by extension, better chances of recovery. Tawam Hospital offers specialized treatment for male breast cancer patients as it is for female. 

In addition to the Breast Cancer Center, Tawam Hospital is equipped with a Cancer Diseases Clinic, Day Cancer Treatment Center, Soothing Unit, Palliative Care Unit, and Pediatric Oncology Unit, all of which work cohesively to ensure the provision of holistic, well-rounded care to all oncology patients across the region, including support for mental health challenges experienced by patients and their family members.

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