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Technology that brings Liv hospital to the patient with a click: ‘Healthverse PanoramicWEB’

With the cooperation of Healthverse PanoramicWEB, the new and local innovation of the health sector is at Liv Hospital for the first time

As first time in the world, Liv Hospital in a groundbreaking collaboration with Healthverse PanoramicWEB, has unveiled a pioneering digital platform that is set to transform the telehealth industry. This revolutionary platform marks a significant leap forward in healthcare accessibility, offering patients, doctors, and international patient counselors an immersive 360-degree tour of Liv Hospital’s state-of-the-art facilities through a single, user-friendly link.

Healthverse PanoramicWEB empowers patients to embark on a virtual journey through the hallowed halls of Liv Hospital from anywhere in the world. Guided by experienced patient counselors, patients can meet their healthcare providers and gain comprehensive information about their treatments. This cutting-edge digital environment seamlessly connects patient counselors, doctors, and patients, enabling healthcare professionals to provide their services digitally, even when they are physically distant from the hospital.

Meri Istiroti, Liv Hospital Group Coordinator, expressed her excitement about the partnership and the platform, stating, “As Liv Hospital, we have had the privilege of showcasing our world-class facilities through Healthverse PanoramicWEB. By engaging with patients one-on-one, we’ve been able to address their health concerns and explain their treatment options thoroughly. This newfound transparency has instilled unwavering confidence in our patients, reaffirming Liv Hospital as their preferred destination for healthcare needs.”

In an era marked by increasing digitalization across industries, Healthverse PanoramicWEB continues to lead the way in technology mobilization. The company’s commitment to enhancing lives through cutting-edge technologies is evident through its support for next-generation solutions that align with existing technology infrastructures. 

Their holistic approach covers everything from hardware to services and consultancy, with a particular focus on sectors like health, transportation, energy, and security. This strategic commitment to digital transformation ensures that businesses can thrive globally, fostering innovation and internationally recognized technologies.

Visitors to Healthverse PanoramicWEB can embark on a virtual reality journey, accessing Liv Hospital’s facilities through 360-degree camera technology. This immersive experience is available through VR glasses, mobile devices, or computers. Visitors can engage in face-to-face meetings, whether guided by an administrator or independently. Those accompanied by administrators can pose questions in real time, while solo visitors can simultaneously access a wealth of information and videos embedded within Healthverse PanoramicWEB, offering a comprehensive understanding of the hospital’s advanced technology and services.  Moreover, this platform can significantly reduce costs for organizing events such as seminars, conferences, and fairs, providing a budget-friendly solution for participants and companies.

Healthverse PanoramicWEB’s partnership with Liv Hospital signifies a remarkable leap forward in telehealth, emphasizing the unique patient-centric experience provided by Liv Hospital. This pioneering collaboration brings healthcare directly to patients’ fingertips, bridging the gap between technology and healthcare. Together, Healthverse PanoramicWEB and Liv Hospital are set to redefine the healthcare landscape, making healthcare more accessible, interactive, and tailored to patients’ needs than ever before.

What is Healthverse PanoramicWEB?

Healthverse PanoramicWEB, a digital health platform, is an application that brings hospitals, patient counselors, doctors and patients together online with 360-degree navigation. Patients can see the health service they will receive, the technology to be used and the hospital one-on-one, have a meeting under the guidance of patient counselors and receive information from their doctor. 

Patients anywhere in the world can easily connect to Healthverse PanoramicWEB from anywhere in the world where there is internet access by simply clicking on the link sent without downloading any program.

It is possible to easily connect to Healthverse PanoramicWEB from VR glasses, mobile phone or computer.

In Healthverse PanoramicWEB, patients can visit Liv Hospital alone or accompanied by a patient counselor, and ask questions to the patient counselor whenever they want.  

Healthcare professionals using Healthverse PanoramicWEB can digitally clone themselves inside the hospital and show the hospital to patients in person, even if they are not in the hospital. 

It is possible to watch 360-degree videos in different languages simultaneously via Healthverse PanoramicWEB. One patient can watch the same video in Turkish while another patient can watch it in English. 

Healthverse PanoramicWEB’s software is based on actual location. In this way, there is no need for re-writing new sections added to the Healthverse PanoramicWEB platform. The platform is open for development in terms of software. 

A correspondence module is available in Healthverse PanoramicWEB for the hearing impaired. 

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