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  •  Data-driven medicine can improve the speed and accuracy of diagnosis for genetic diseases,
  • World’s most knowledgeable science will discuss how precision medicine is reshaping the future of health 
  • As the digitalisation of healthcare continues to expand, innovative medical technologies in the Middle East are set to deliver substantial new value opportunities to hospitals and governments to improve patient healthcare outcomes.
  • The most exciting tech startups, reinventing healthcare ecosystems, and the industry’s most influential investors will meet this May. 

Dubai is hosting two new leading edge medical events, PrecisionMed Exhibition & Summit and EMERGE GHI. The headline shows are taking place 24th & 25th May at Dubai Conrad Hotel, and will discuss and display the most innovative healthcare solutions embracing, all focused on better patient healthcare outcomes. 

Precision medicine brings the future of healthcare closer to reality. PrecisionMed Exhibition & Summit explores a medical model centred around customisation of healthcare, with medical decisions, treatments, practices, and therapies tailored to needs of individuals or patient sub-groups rather than a onedrugfitsall model. It highlights how the acquisition and analysis of patient health data can translate scientific advances in disease research to improve the quality of patient care.

As healthcare continues to evolve and move into a world of precision medicine, which is being driven also by artificial intelligence (AI) and enhanced digitalisation, healthcare professionals must prepare for the future with infrastructure that supports genetic and molecular profiling of individual diseases. Also, it is vital to understand how pharmacogenomics identifies genetic variation on patient drug responses by correlating gene expression with drug safety and efficacy as the basis of targeted therapy in personalised medicine.

The scientific advances that underpin precision medicine initially originated from cancer genomics and targeted cancer therapy but now include other chronic diseases. Also, because data analysis and new technologies enable precision in discovery research and care delivery, we are now entering a new and exciting era of precision medicine that will improve access to healthcare, diagnoses, treatment, and patient care.

“For the healthcare system to be able to make the most out of the available technologies and evolve to a higher level, it’s vital for the entire medical ecosystem to come together and discuss how to bring the future of healthcare closer to reality. There never has been a better time to host an event where government entities, policymakers, industry leaders and physicians can congregate to discuss DNA’s role in prediction of disease, and how better, targeted and effective treatments for patients are now actively being rolled out” said David Stradling, Event Director, PrecisionMed Exhibition & Summit and EMERGE GHI. 

The digitisation of healthcare has driven the development of precision medicine. technologies like telehealth and eHealth tools that guide individualised or personalised patient diagnosis and treatment. Doctors and researchers can now use the data from precise molecular and environmental measurements to analyse factors associated with disease onset and progression, patient responses to treatment, and health outcomes. Therefore, digitisation is the catalyst for precision medicine and its objectives and will lead precision medicine and personalised healthcare into the future.

Technologies and new ideas that fall into the digital health-tech movement flourish at EMERGE GHI, bringing the most exciting startups to the UAE, led by disruptors who are reinventing healthcare ecosystems. With the pandemic accelerating the pace of innovation, there has never been a greater sense of urgency and need for a new platform to drive healthcare progress. EMERGE GHI is leading the way in fulfilling this need.

“We are witnessing a global paradigm shift in healthcare. Digital health is becoming more of a necessity than a nice-to-have. The pandemic has paved the way for the wider adoption of virtual care and remote patient monitoring platforms. It’s an exciting time to be part of this transformational journey, and EMERGE GHI is bringing to the Middle East exactly that.” Said Edward Kliphuis, Partner, Sofinnova Partners.

To find out more about the PrecisionMed Exhibition &Summit, or to register to attend the conference and exhibition, visit: www.precisionmedexpo.com 

To find out more about the EMERGE GHI, or to register to attend the conference and to enrol your startup, visit: www.emergeghi.com

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