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A modern technology for weight reduction has been introduced in Al-Ahli Hospital, without the need for endoscopy or anesthesia

By Dr. Abdulazim Abdulwahab; Chief of Medical Staff at Al-Ahli Hospital - Doha / Qatar

Recently, a modern weight-loss technique has been introduced in the General Surgery Department at Al-Ahli Hospital. This technique involves a capsule that is swallowed under the guidance of General Surgery doctors, without endoscopy or anesthesia. The stability of the balloon in the stomach is ensured using fast X-rays, and the procedure takes about 15 minutes from the visit to the outpatient clinic. 

Dr. Abdulazim Abdulwahab, the head of the medical team at Al-Ahli Hospital, explained that this type of stomach balloon is safe and not permanent. It helps obese patients begin their weight-loss journey by losing 10-15% of their average body weight in 16 weeks. 

This weight-loss system is supported by advanced digital technology, which can be downloaded via the phone and comes with a watch that helps the patient monitor their healthy behaviors.

Dr. Abdulazim also explained that the patient is given a way to take in food after six hours, during which they can start taking small sips of fluids. 

The patient should continue taking fluids for three days, then begin eating soft food while avoiding unnecessary physical activity in the first week. Gradually, the patient can start exercising when they adapt to the balloon.

Ten days after the balloon procedure, the patient should be able to start eating regularly under the supervision of a doctor and a nutrition specialist, who will provide recommendations for a healthy diet and nutritional supplements if necessary.

Dr. Abdulazim mentioned that after about 16 weeks (4 months), the activated balloon release valve opens automatically, allowing it to be discharged naturally through the digestive system without requiring any endoscopy. 

He also stated that one of the remarkable features of this technique is that all obesity-related diseases significantly decrease, including hypertension, triglycerides, and blood glucose, all of which become within the normal range. Many patients who underwent this procedure reported that consuming small amounts of food for long periods after the ballooning phase was sufficient, and they could comply with a healthy diet plan, regularly engage in physical exercises, and maintain their weight.

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