ACIBADEM in 2023

A year of achievements and accomplishments... 5.5 Million Patients and 95% Satisfaction Rate

For Acibadem Healthcare Group, 2023 was a year of achieved goals and accomplished projects. As the leading healthcare provider in Turkiye and abroad, Acibadem steps into 2024 with a network of 24 hospitals and 15 medical centers in 5 countries, attracting patients from all over the world. The higher-education institution of the same brand, Acibadem University, completed investments in green alternatives and now meets 100% of its energy needs by renewable energy sources with approximately zero carbon emissions. Recently awarded as the eight-time Healthcare Services Export Champion of Turkiye, the Group plans to continue investments in expanding its network, enhancing its services, and implementing sustainable solutions for the future.

Expanding the Hospital Network and Contact Points

In 2023, Acibadem Healthcare Group acquired the largest private hospital and a medical center in Izmir, the third largest city in Turkiye. Following the opening of the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold-certified Acibadem Ataşehir Hospital in September 2022 and the acquisition of Izmir medical facilities, Acibadem network currently includes 24 hospitals and 15 medical centers across five countries, including Turkiye, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, and the Netherlands.

Furthermore, Acibadem increased its presence in the international market, with 58 Health Point offices in 29 countries and 53 cities. These are the contact points for international patients seeking a second medical opinion or interested in receiving treatment at Acibadem hospitals. With more than 110 staff, Health Points provide information, consultation and 360-degree support to international patients travelling to Turkiye for medical services.

Investments in Technology and Innovations

Acibadem is known for its capacity to deal with complex medical cases. This is the place where recently conjoined twins were separated, and a liver transplant was performed on an 8 kg baby. It is where more than 600 pediatric heart patients, including newborns, have been treated in one year with over 95% success rate. Acibadem was the first in Turkiye and the region to apply CAR T-cell therapy – an innovative cancer treatment using immune cells to attack tumors. Acibadem continued to invest in human resources and advanced technology to deliver the best possible care and outcomes to its patients. With a team of over 3400 physicians and 5000 nurses, the hospital chain employs some of the best medical professionals in their fields.

Acıbadem Healthcare Group is particularly well-known for its A-class centers of excellence in oncology, neurology and neurosurgery, organ and bone marrow transplantation, heart care, pediatric care, IVF, spine surgery, and sports medicine. Advanced cancer treatment is a main area of focus, supported by the latest hi-tech equipment available worldwide. Acibadem patients have access to the latest radiotherapy devices, including CyberKnife for non-invasive radiosurgery, Gamma Knife ICON for brain tumors and lesions, MR Linac combining linear accelerator and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and Ethos incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into cancer treatment. Acibadem continues to invest in the latest technology to ensure the highest level of safety, accuracy, and efficacy for its patients.

Educating Future Generations in Healthcare

Acibadem was Turkiye’s first healthcare provider to incorporate higher-education institutions into its ecosystem. Established in 2007 by Acibadem Health & Education Foundation as a non-profit organization, today Acibadem Mehmet Ali Aydinlar University trains the next generation of professionals in medicine, pharmacy, health sciences. It hosts a clinical simulation training center (CASE), research labs, and biodesign center, all established to develop advanced skills and know-how. With 733 staff, 5.596 students and 8.675 graduates in undergraduate, graduate and associate degree programs, Acibadem University attracts students from around the world. In the 2022-2023 academic year, 280 international students in 5 faculties chose the institution for their education.

Committed to the future, the university initiated and completed major green projects. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkiye in October 2023, Acibadem University announced that it obtains 100% of its energy from natural sources, such as wind and solar power. Thus, it will significantly reduce the corporate carbon footprint. The energy investments are equivalent to planting 300.000 trees on 2.000.000 m² of land, and 7.500 tons less CO2 will be released into the atmosphere annually.

Serving Patients, Touching Lives

In 2023, more than 5.5 million patients visited Acibadem for their health needs. Based on patient surveys, their satisfaction rate was 95%. Over 50.000 international patients from 5 continents and 96 countries chose Acibadem for their treatment. From aesthetic medicine to complex treatments, minimally invasive and robotic surgery, the dedicated teams welcomed each patient with expert skills and human touch.

Robotic rehabilitation – Spinal cord nerve damage: A woman from Kuwait faced semi-paralysis and limited mobility due to damage to the spinal cord nerve during surgery in her country. Despite seeking treatment in the USA and experiencing persistent pain, it wasn’t until she joined the program at Acibadem that significant progress occurred. After a rigorous 9-month physical therapy and rehabilitation program, including the last 3 months with robotic rehabilitation at Acibadem, she is now able to walk independently and engage in her daily activities.

Neurosurgery – Endoscopic Pituitary Adenoma: 34-year-old female patient from Romania with decreased sight in the right eye. She was diagnosed with 45 mm non-secretory suprasellar and parasellar adenoma. Tumors around the carotid artery and optic nerves were removed. The patient was discharged without complications.

Radiotherapy – Skin Cancer (Melanoma): A patient from Bulgaria suffered from a big tumor in her cheek. She had several operations, but the tumor always came back. At Acibadem, the patient was treated by radiotherapy with an excellent response: the tumor totally disappeared. The old lady started to talk and play with her grandchildren again.

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