Science World studies intensively to develop protective and therapeutic methods against novel coronavirus. Turkish Scientists have started research studies as well for this virus which has also affected our country seriously. Acıbadem Health Group has started new studies regarding Covid-19 without delay with the contributions of Acıbadem University and shared them with the Ministry of Health, TUBİTAK and TUSEB. 

The whole world is fighting against coronavirus. Effective vaccines and treatment methods are yet to be developed in order to eliminate the novel coronavirus that became the main topic of conservations all around the world along with its rapid spread and life-threatening risks after being infected. Thus, Science World has focused on developing new protective and therapeutic methods for the virus. Accordingly, new studies are being conducted rapidly for both vaccines and treatment methods to save thousands of lives.  Acıbadem Health Group is in cooperation with Acıbadem University against novel coronavirus that has also affected our country. It has started new studies regarding Covid-19 and shared them with the Ministry of Health, TUBİTAK and TUSEB.

It is stated that cooperation and support provided by all healthcare and scientific institutions in our country are highly important for the studies to be carried out and it is emphasized that biotechnological infrastructure, qualified labor force and very competent healthcare professionals are available to make such studies. 

Studies have been done on 6 different issues

Research projects started at Acıbadem Health Group include vaccine development, which is the primary protective method, as well as therapeutic methods. Within the scope of the researches, studies have been started to develop vaccine that can create immunity against the virus in healthy persons prior to being infected. 

Virus-specific Gamma Globulin, Interleukin-6 Blocker, Virus-Specific T-Lymphocyte, virus-specific immunity cells and treatment with mesenchymal stem cells in severe lung damage are among the researches for therapeutic methods. It is aimed to conclude the researches in a short time and use outcomes in treatment of Covid-19.  

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