ACIBADEM offers precise and personalized cancer treatment with cutting-edge new technology

Today Acıbadem Healthcare Group is a global brand in medical tourism by providing the highest quality of services using advanced technologies and expert teams meeting the international quality standards like Joint Commission International (JCI) and ISO 15189 Clinical Laboratory Accreditation Certificate.

Every year, many patients from different parts of the world travel to Turkey to receive treatment, and they prefer Acıbadem. In order to provide comfort, trust and stability, Acıbadem offers to international patients a comprehensive range of services including consultations, diagnostic procedures, billing and insurance, travel and accommodation arrangements and translation services. Acibadem International Patient Service Center has been designed as a “one-stop center” and offers healthcare services from the day of the request until the time patient’s return to their home country within 20 different languages. 

Holistic Approach to Oncology Patients

Acıbadem Oncology Centers has been designed specifically for the needs of patients undergoing oncology treatments; they are served by a team of experienced specialists using a multidisciplinary approach. 

Acıbadem Radiation Oncology Department removes cancer treatment limits by applying novel strategies. Today, it is possible to get better results in cancer treatment thanks to advanced health technologies. Our institution offers a variety of radiation therapy options and develops treatment plans to best address the type and stage of cancer. In conventional radiation treatment, radiation is given to the patients each day in the precisely same amount regardless of the patient’s changes over the course of therapy. At Acıbadem, MRIdian therapy allows us to see and track soft tissues and tumors in real-time. This enables re-planning of the treatment course on the table if it is needed.

Professor Ufuk Abacıoğlu is a renowned specialist in radiotherapy in Turkey with more than 25 years of experience in cancer treatment. He states, “In Acıbadem Radiation Oncology Department, we diagnose and treat all forms of cancer, from more common conditions like lung, prostate and breast cancer to rarer throat cancer and brain cancer. We not only treat adult patients but also treat pediatric patients when necessary. Compared to 20 years ago, we have a lot of new technologies today. As a result, there are significant advances in radiation oncology. Also, image-guidance during radiation therapy helps us tremendously before and during the treatment. It provides myriad opportunities to treat cancer types we could not treat before.”

Acıbadem uses the latest healthcare technologies to provide the best treatment for patients. MRI-guided radiation therapy is one of them. This technology is shortly called as MRIdian. It is especially beneficial for the locations where the body has some degree of motion: the tumors located in the abdomen, the thoracal regions, etc. Tumors in these regions are in motion even during normal breathing patterns. Therefore, the tumor area and surrounding healthy tissues can be visualized clearly with the aid of the MRIdian. Real-time imaging helps physicians to control the treatment process during irradiation. In the case of detecting a clinically significant movement of targets or healthy tissues, physicians can adjust the target and re-plan the treatment while the patient is still on the table. A new MRI scan is performed before each treatment session. It allows a tailored treatment in accordance with the patient’s daily anatomy.

Acıbadem began treatments with the MRIdian system in 2018, marking Turkey’s first MRI-guided radiotherapy treatments. In the last four years, after seeing the importance of real-time MRI visualization, automatic beam gating, and on-table adaptive therapy in cancer treatment, Acıbadem has purchased a second MRIdian device in 2022.

“In MRIdian therapy, we track the tumor and give the treatment at the right time and position. It allows treatment of hard-to-reach tumors, tumors located close to critical structures, or tumors that can move during normal bodily functions such as breathing. This makes MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy different and more effective than other technologies. Moreover, MRIdian therapy offers better results with little to no side effects and complications.” says Professor Dr. Meriç Şengöz. He is a highly respected radiotherapy specialist who has 30 years of extensive experience in this fast-evolving medical field.

Acıbadem is one of the few cancer centers in the world that utilizes the power of MRIdian in treating pancreatic, prostate, liver, and other cancer types. If you’d like to learn more, you are encouraged to contact Acıbadem Group at: apply@acibadem.com

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