ACIBADEM PROJECT MANAGEMENT… Leading the Way in Healthcare Infrastructure Development

20 Countries, 35 Cities, 2 Million sqm, 80 Projects

ACIBADEM PROJECT MANAGEMENT, a pioneering entity within the Turkish healthcare landscape, continues to set new standards in the realm of infrastructure development for healthcare facilities. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation, ACIBADEM PROJECT MANAGEMENT has emerged as a key player in shaping the future of healthcare infrastructure both domestically and internationally.


ACIBADEM PROJECT MANAGEMENT aspiration is to be a global benchmark in healthcare investments, renowned for its distinctive expertise in design and execution, while simultaneously catering to the needs of both local and international healthcare sectors by delivering top-tier facilities of exceptional quality. ACIBADEM PROJECT MANAGEMENT stands at the forefront of healthcare infrastructure development, leveraging its expertise to deliver state-of-the-art facilities that meet the evolving needs of modern healthcare delivery. With a focus on efficiency, sustainability, and patient-centric design, ACIBADEM PROJECT MANAGEMENT has earned a reputation for excellence in the industry.

Key Highlights

ACIBADEM PROJECT MANAGEMENT offers a complete project management service including contract preparation, testing and commissioning management in pursuance of structure established in collaboration with the client. In cooperation with its professional team and local and global solution partners, APM inhibits an approach to predict and manage risks which may arise at all stages of the project process, including the investment decision making.

Innovative Solutions: ACIBADEM PROJECT MANAGEMENT employs innovative approaches and cutting-edge technologies to design and construct healthcare facilities that prioritize patient care, operational efficiency, and sustainability.

National and International Reach: With projects spanning across Türkiye and beyond, ACIBADEM PROJECT MANAGEMENT has established itself as a trusted partner for healthcare infrastructure development on both a national and international scale.

Quality Assurance: Committed to upholding the highest standards of quality, ACIBADEM PROJECT MANAGEMENT ensures that all projects adhere to rigorous quality control measures and regulatory requirements, delivering facilities that meet and exceed industry benchmarks.

Customer-Centric Approach: At the heart of ACIBADEM PROJECT MANAGEMENT’s philosophy is a dedication to customer satisfaction. By prioritizing client needs and preferences, the company collaborates closely with stakeholders to deliver tailor-made solutions that meet their unique requirements.

Some references

  • 2018 Sharjah Private Hospital, UAE
  • 2018 Abu Dhabi Transplantation Hospital, UAE
  • 2017 Acıbadem International Medical center, THE NETHERLANDS
  • 2017 UKC Banja Luka Hospital Modular Systems, BOSNIA
  • 2016 Rostov-On-Don Hospital, RUSSIA
  • 2015 Acıbadem Sistina Hospital, MACEDONIA
  • 2013 Ayer Keroh Hospital, MALAYSIA
  • 2012 Mosul Private Hospital, IRAQ
  • 2012 Kirkuk General Hospital, IRAQ
  • 2012 Bakü Hayat Clinic, AZERBAIJAN
  • 2012 Basra El Zanaat Al Hayat Hospital, IRAQ
  • 2011 Karbala maternity And Pediatric Hospital, IRAQ
  • 2011 Libyan British Hospital, LIBYA
  • 2010 Moscow Lapino Perinatal medical Center, RUSSIA
  • 2008 Faruk Medical City Sulaimani, IRAQ
  • All ACIBADEM Group’s facilities

As ACIBADEM PROJECT MANAGEMENT continues to lead the way in healthcare infrastructure development, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation, quality, and excellence. With a proven track record of success and a forward-thinking approach, ACIBADEM PROJECT MANAGEMENT is poised to shape the future of healthcare infrastructure, driving positive change and making a lasting impact on the global healthcare landscape.

For more information about ACIBADEM PROJECT MANAGEMENT and its services, please visit our Website: www.apy.com.tr

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