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Acibadem University sets off with the objective of being a reputable university in health education, not only in Turkey but also in the world, is making a difference

Acibadem University, which was founded in 2007, is a thematic university in health sciences field. University is aiming to train full-fledged health professionals, who are open to continuous progress, by means of its outstanding academic staff and advanced technological infrastructure.

University implements constant learning and improvement-oriented education policy, which is a model in education and research at national level, and it is shown as reference in the world.

Professor Dr. Ahmet Sahin

University consists of 5 faculties; School of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Faculty of Engineering and 2 vocational schools; Vocational School of Health Services and Vocational School and 3 institutions; Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Natural and Applied Sciences.

University is affiliated with Acibadem University Atakent and Maslak Hospitals for clinical applications and on-site training.

Acibadem University’s Board of Trustees Chairman Mehmet Ali Aydınlar sums up university’s journey of progress with these words: “Acibadem University is an institution founded with the objective of utilizing its over 25 years of health services knowledge and experience, in the education field. We have made a difference by integrating our pioneer and holistic perspective, which we have acquired through our experience in health field, to the education we offer. It is likely to notice that difference in all areas which are essential for students, such as campus, laboratories, teaching staff, social resources and etc. Because, we regard university years as an unabridged period of time, that spans the preparation of a student for every aspect of life.”  

Acibadem University Chancellor Professor Dr. Ahmet Sahin states that they proceed with the objective of being the best in Turkey in health field as well as being among the most prominent universities globally in the same field. Professor Dr. Ahmet Sahin mentions that as of this year, university has over 4 thousand students and emphasizes that Acibadem University is an institution which has focused on health and indicates their goal as training qualified health professionals.

World’s Most Comprehensive Medical Simulation Center: CASE

Acibadem University has CASE (Clinical Simulation and Advanced Endoscopic – Robotic Surgery Education Center), which happens to be the world’s most comprehensive medical education centers in its field with all its departments and technological infrastructure.

In this center, where pre and postgraduate-oriented education programs are carried out, a special education model is applied with simulated patients, electronic learning, skill laboratories and advanced technology medical simulators. The center is comprised of two sections; Clinical Simulation Education Center and Advanced Endoscopic – Robotic Surgery Education Center. At Clinical Simulation Education Center, the applied education methodolgy is the combination of electronic learning, simulated patients and simulation applications. In Clinical Simulation Education Center, which is designed as a virtual hospital, students prepare for their internships in clinical educations by way of performing different crisis scenarios.

Advanced Endoscopic – Robotic Surgery Education Center, which was established to improve the skillset of specialists in endoscopic and robotic surgery, houses postgraduation residency educations.

CASE is accredited by Network of Accredited Clinical Skills Centers of Europe (NASCE) and Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH); moreover, it holds ‘Global Training Center’ title in robotic surgery field. 

CASE is one of the two medical simulation centers in the world, which has been awarded with ‘Center of Excellence’ honor, by CAE Healthcare Academy.

Last January, a “Hysteroscopy & Laparoscopy” training session was given to specialists in Obstetrics and Gynecology coming from Lebanon in Acıbadem University – CASE in Istanbul. This course was designed to be hands-on, with exposure to the latest instruments and minimal invasive techniques. Practical exercises are combined with lectures by experts and, depending on the course, live surgery sessions provided under the supervision of Prof. Mete Güngör, Head of School of Medicine, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics with a team of experts of Acıbadem Healthcare Group.

Research-oriented University

One of many principle areas of activity of Acibadem University is ‘Research’. University contributes to scientific development principally with researches in health, life sciences and biotechnology, by taking ‘benefit of the community’ into consideration; moreover carries out transnational research projects in collaboration with public/and private health institutions and industrial establishments. 

Within Kerem Aydinlar Campus, there are common areas for reasearchers to carry out their activities and also laboratories fitted out with technological infrastructure and equipment, which enable conduct of multidisciplinary researches.

Also, there are 12 research and application centers in the university for researches, applications and educational activities. Centers conduct research and application activities in numerous areas, including but not limited to health policies, rare diseases, fight against crime and violence and continuous education.

International University

Acibadem University is a member of European Union’s Erasmus + Exchange Program. Within the scope of this program, students have education and/or internship opportunities, either for a month or two, at the affiliated European Universities and gain work experience in a different country.

A city university at the center of Istanbul

Acibadem University is headquartered at Kerem Aydinlar Campus, which is situated on a 100,000-square-meter land. The campus, which was designed by an eco-friendly architectural concept that has LEED Gold – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certificate, offers many academic and social opportunities for students.

 The conference hall in the campus, which is large enough to accommodate 750 participants, hosts national and international organizations every year. 

Sports Center within the campus is the ideal location for students to do sports, with its various facilities such as multi-purpose gym, semi-olympic swimming pool, fitness center, spinning and pilates studios. 

There are Student Clubs in the university with vast variety of interests, expanding from science to art. Clubs perform various activities throughout the year, in accordance with their area of interests. Acibadem University also provides accommodation for students both inside the campus and at Acibadem University Kerem Aydinlar Dormitory, which is within walking distance to the campus. 

Support for new ideas and projects in health field: INCUBATION CENTER

University endeavours to create suitable areas of activity for entrepreneurs, primarily for Acibadem University students, to actualize their thoughts, ideas and projects in health field. Acibadem University Incubation Center, which was founded in 2017, aims to support all kinds of technology based business ideas and ventures, that would serve to improve health sector. Center supports entrepreneurs’ learning, application and work-planning processes. Along with their educations, entrepreneurs also receive Acibadem University Academicians’ consultation support while benefitting from university’s technological infrastructure and laboratories. Entrepreneurs also have the opportunity of receiving consultation from companies and partner institutions which are affiliated with the university. There is also support provided for maturing ventures’ transition to positive value, introduction to investors and commercialization. Even though the center is in service merely for 2 years, it is already providing support for more than
100 projects.

Close collaboration with health sector

University’s clinical applications and on-site trainings take place at Acibadem University Atakent and Maslak Hospitals, which are affiliated with Acibadem University. At the same time, university also cooperates with various public hospitals, in accordance with the protocols in effect. 

By virtue of its close collaboration with Acibadem Health Group, Acibadem University has internship priority in group’s hospitals. Acibadem Health Group has 22 hospitals and 16 medical centers in 4 countries.

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