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Al-Ahli Hospital performs complex gynaecological surgery

By Dr. Mumtaz Rashid, Consultant OB/Gyn at Al-Ahli Hospital / Qatar

Al-Ahli Hospital performed a successful vaginal hysterectomy along with the suspension of  vaginal vault (upper end of vagina) procedure for a 52-year-old woman who had been suffering from prolapse of uterus and vagina for the last 5 years.

Dr. Mumtaz Rashid Consultant Ob&Gyne at Al-Ahli Hospital said that this kind of procedure requires the skills and expertise of a vaginal surgeon. Removing the uterus (vaginal hysterectomy) wouldn’t have been sufficient in this case to cure the prolapse, this additional step was to prevent the vault coming down after hysterectomy. The basic problem is weakness of the ligamentous support holding the uterus and vagina. In addition, she said:

“Vaginal prolapse is the herniation of the pelvic organs to or beyond the vaginal walls. It is reported to be the most common reason for hysterectomy in women over age 50.”

“When she attended my clinic, she was rather frustrated with the worsening symptoms of genital prolapse, which included her uterus and vagina hanging out of her body most of the times. On examination there was 3-4th degree of utero-vaginal prolapse with uterus coming out of the vagina for up to 3cm.”

Dr. Mumtaz Rashid added: “We performed vaginal hysterectomy, repair of the vaginal wall prolapse and vault suspension procedure. The last procedure is technically demanding and only handful of surgeon are trained to do it. She recovered well after the surgery and went home on 3rd day. She was checked 2 months later when her vagina is well supported.” Dr. Mumtaz Rashid further said that vaginal hysterectomy is an invasive option, provides many benefits to patients, including quicker recovery time, less pain and no visible scarring so they can return to their busy lives more quickly.

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