Almoosa North Tower Hospital

Where Humanity Blends With Technology

Founded in 1996 as the first private Hospital in Ahsa, today Almoosa Specialist Hospital is ranked among the best 10 hospitals in the GCC and is considered a world-class health system that promotes wellness and heals illness.

Healthcare is evolving and technology is shaping the future of healthcare. Almoosa Hospital is one of the first hospitals to adopt these changes by incorporating technology to transform and revolutionize the way of patient care. The new hospital continues Almoosa’s proud legacy of caring for the local community and patients from around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC.

Almoosa North Tower Hospital offers its patients a unique experience by embracing new technologies such as artificial intelligence to improve speed effectiveness and response.

The patients will be welcomed to the spacious environment-friendly, where AI and technology are incorporated but still blended with the human touch that every patient seeks during his healing journey. The main goal is to create an environment of healing and comfort

Wellness and comfort

When you enter the North Tower of the hospital you can’t but feel like home, each room is designed for patient’s pursuit of wellness. All patient rooms are private, floor-to-ceiling windows bring in natural light. Every room has dedicated space for loved ones to visit. The 200 private rooms allow the natural light to penetrate deep into each floor plate, setting the stage for patient-centric and hospitality-inspired care.  In-room digital tools transform the patient experience and support the healing journey. Patients can control lighting, temperature, and window blinders, choose entertainment options to view on the 55-inch television, and order meals, all from the tablet at their bedside. Gardens and greenery are all over the place to bring the calming nature of outdoor spaces to patients and visitors.

The impressive tower with terracotta, glass structure and overhanging canopy represents more than a unique building, it also represents the vision of Almoosa Hospital that is to always honor the patients and their families and where the design is part of the patients healing process.

Healing begins as soon as the patient arrives at the hospital, from the moment he enters, he is greeted by natural sunlight, unique art from around the world, green walls and decorative stone and wood surfaces. The smell of coffee from the beautifully designed Sidra Café on the ground floor and the 8 meters high wall with beautiful artwork by Peter Hite will take the patient and the visitor to a soothing moment away from the stress.

ASH has been embracing art as creative healing since the inauguration of the south medical tower in 2015, as they believed that art lowers the caregiver’s and patient’s stress, increases their satisfaction, and helps create an ambiance that fosters a sense of comfort. Also, the choice of colors that elicit high levels of pleasure with low arousal levels were preferred to induce a state of calm created by the blues and greens of landscape and nature scenes.

Optimizing hospital workflow with healthcare technology is ALMOOSA’s PRIORITY

Introducing the Future of Surgery: The Hybrid OR

Almoosa Hospital offers its patients the latest in surgery experience where a single surgical room can combine imaging equipment with a multifunctional surgical table.

The ability to image patients during surgery is one of the most anticipated capabilities of the new hybrid ORs. An intra-operative O-arm located within the sterile surgical field allows physicians to see real-time images during complex, multi-step procedures for immediate attention, reducing the need for follow-up surgeries. The interventional platform brings together multiple surgical and procedural specialists —cardiologists, gastroenterologists, surgeons, radiologists, and pulmonologists into one common area.

Pharmacy Automation Solutions

At Almoosa Hospital, patient safety is a priority. The use of a robotic pharmacy will benefit the patient and the caregiver by offering an error-free environment for medical dispensing.

In the new pharmacy, robots will pick pills and boxes, put them in bags with bar codes, make the process more efficient and reduce mistakes, and free up pharmacy staff to work on human interactions and consultations. Orders can be delivered by automated guided vehicle, besides the dispensing stations throughout the inpatient wards “Omnicell dispensing stations.”

The automated lab is introduced with the latest technologies used in laboratory science, where samples are treated automatically and without any human intervention to ensure that there are no ERRORS! The system speed reaches 8000 samples per hour. The system supports the work with emergency samples to provide faster service to patients and to provide better healthcare.

Internet of Things … IN ACTION: Tracking and Alerts

Almoosa Hospital is committed to improving treatment outcomes that is why a real-time tracking system was installed to track the location of staff and equipment in real-time, improving efficiency and inventory control with one another in new ways.

Alerts and alarms will go directly to secure mobile devices carried by nurses and doctors instead of sounding at nursing stations—reducing noise levels, while ensuring the safety of infants throughout the hospital, support the correct matching of mothers and infants, and quick response to abduction attempts.

 Thus, IoT enables real-time alerting, tracking, and monitoring which permits better accuracy and improves complete patient care delivery results.

The North Tower Hospital Architecture and Design

The 17-story medical tower is the tallest hospital in Al-Ahsa – Saudi Arabia. Its majesty is seen for miles, and the gleaming structure portrays the level of care within, representing a beacon of hope for healthcare and wellness for the community. ASH’s emblem, the local Sidra tree, symbolizes life and nurturing care for patients, visitors, and the local community. The influences of the Sidra tree are found in the building’s gentle curving façade. Throughout the interior architecture, features referencing nature continue to soothe anxiety and reinforce the Almoosa brand. The building embraces the Al-Ahsa community and the Almoosa brand. A three-story-high glass Atrium graciously welcomes visitors into the building. The ground level hosts food, retail, and respite spaces, reinforcing a sense of hospitality and reducing anxiety upon arrival. 

The facility incorporates 220 beds, ten operating theatres, PICU, two cardiac catheter laboratories, ICU equipped with the latest model of ICU beds HILL ROM featured with bed connectivity to HIS & nurse call system in addition to advance pulmonary function, automated GLP Lab, laboratory counters casework, automated dispensing cabinets “OMNICELL” modular CSSD.

A customized huge reception desk with 4 receptionists who are welcoming the patient and helping him with his applications or directions, waiting seats are distributed along the ground floor with different types which can please all preferences. The purpose is to optimize the patients workflow and scheduling.

 All the hospital rooms are single-patient rooms with direct sunlight and a floor-to-ceiling windows. All the rooms are beautifully designed with customized hidden headwall services, a lot of storage spaces for the patient and his companion, comfortable seating where each room has a sofa bed, recliner and other options of seating.

Almoosa Hospital’s main focus is on patient-centered features like reduced noise, natural light, visitor-friendly facilities, well-designed rooms, and hotel-like amenities. Every detail was designed meticulously to give the patients a hotel experience in a hospital.

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