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An Artistic Venture by Fakeeh University Hospital

The hospital in Dubai Silicon Oasis is hosting a rotating art exhibition over the coming months to create a healing and soothing environment.

It is said that great art picks-up where nature ends. In essence, this means that art is the next best thing to be surrounded with after nature. Fakeeh University Hospital has taken this idea and spun it into a tranquil reality for its patients and their families.

A hospital is a space where emotions run high, where fear is a constant feeling and where one is perhaps most in need of solace. Recognizing these needs, Fakeeh University Hospital has taken the initiative to showcase art exhibits in its atrium over the coming months. The exhibition includes multidisciplinary art forms ranging from but not limited to photography, paintings and sculptures.

Through this initiative, the hospital is supporting a wide range of local artists and talent. 

“The art exhibition has been on our agenda for a while now and we are glad to have launched this initiative, said Dr Fatih Mehmet Gul, CEO, Fakeeh University Hospital. “Fakeeh University Hospital’s design allows for a lot of open and calm spaces and we wanted to utilize this creatively and considerately. This initiative is an ideal opportunity to support UAE’s plethora of talent, along with providing a beautiful, soothing and healing environment for our visitors.” 

The art exhibition is underway in the hospital’s atrium and will host many works of art across multiple disciplines in the coming months. The atrium itself has been artistically designed to be a vast, airy, and clutter-free space incorporating nature through its green spaces, ensuring a relaxing and comforting ambience. 

One of the highlights is the natural light that shines through the atrium, accentuating the artwork exhibited. Unlike the usual clinical ambience, one expects to see in a healthcare facility, Fakeeh University Hospital has created a zone that exudes comfort and serenity for its visitors. 

“When we first arrived at the hospital, we were expecting to see a typical hospital building and interiors. We were pleasantly surprised to see the beautiful art exhibition on display as we entered, and it was a peaceful sight that allowed us to reflect and slow down. I am sure many people will have their stress and anxiety addressed through this creative step taken by the hospital,” says Sarah, Visitor, at Fakeeh University Hospital.

Running in parallel at the hospital’s atrium, in celebration of International Nurses Day, is an exclusive photo gallery themed “Imagining Past – Present – Future” showcasing real portraits of the nurses at Fakeeh University Hospital, shot by Claudie Strydom – a UAE based photographer. The gallery takes visitors on a symbolic visual timeline of the past with the legendary nurse Florence Nightingales, founder of modern nursing, to the present where nurses are celebrated for their frontline work against an ongoing pandemic, and the future where nurses are being envisioned as the leading voices in healthcare.  

The art exhibition series started in April following the official inauguration of the hospital and kicked off with a painting exhibition by artists Amol Kadam & Rafa Tom and is currently featuring a painting exhibition by two UAE-based artists, Sindhuja Galipalli and Vinu Aravind. If you are an art connoisseur, do visit, the magnificent Atrium at Fakeeh University Hospital, located in Dubai Silicon Oasis and enjoy the art over a cup of coffee in a natural healing environment. 

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