C37 Supports UAE-based and Visiting Doctors Part-Time Practice Solutions to Deliver Optimal Healthcare Services through its Innovative Private Medical Workspace Concept

In the past year only, the UAE’s first private medical workspace has achieved a threefold increase in the number of collaborating doctors, while facilitating the services of 14 visiting doctors from various parts of the world

Since its establishment in 2002, Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) has been committed throughout its 21-year journey to healthcare sustainable development, driven by its mission to emerge as a prominent global healthcare destination situated in the heart of Dubai. In 2021, DHCC launched C37, the UAE’s first private medical workspace, fully managed and operated by DHCC, demonstrating its commitment to provide unique and innovative solutions to meet the growing demands of the UAE’s health sector. C37’s goal is to embody the concept of “Healthcare Without Borders,” providing UAE-based and visiting doctors the chance to build an independent, part-time career. 

C37 aligns seamlessly with the goals of DHCC, as it strives to fortify its healthcare system to address the requirements of the UAE’s health sector. This involves offering innovative investment solutions within a well-defined vision, ultimately reinforcing DHCC’s global standing in the field of healthcare.

C37 attracts the world’s medical talent, enhancing the medical services provided within the country, in line with DHCC’s goal to support the national agenda on advanced health sciences and healthcare excellence. 

In just two years since its inception, C37 has achieved significant success in drawing a substantial number of visiting doctors from within and outside the country, representing diverse medical specialties. These professionals have contributed their expertise to the local community within an innovative and independent clinical setting. C37 enables its members to reserve a dedicated workspace on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and actively manages their employment procedures, allowing them to concentrate on delivering top-notch healthcare services. With a range of benefits tailored to meet their needs, doctors can effectively expand and develop their medical practices. C37 provides administration and nursing teams, streamlining visa and license issuance procedures, and granting access to the network of hospitals and clinics affiliated with DHCC. 

Allae AlManini

Allae AlManini, Chief Financial Officer at Dubai Healthcare City Authority, said: “Our dedication to bolstering the health sector transcends conventional healthcare. We aspire to deliver unique concepts, establishing a leading global healthcare and wellness ecosystem for top-tier medical services to elevate Dubai’s global standing. In line with this vision, C37 presents innovative and diverse solutions to boost healthcare investment in Dubai, the UAE, and the wider region. Positioned strategically in the heart of Dubai Healthcare City, C37 operates within an integrated system for the medical sector’s work, supporting doctors by facilitating patient referrals and collaboration with over 160 clinics and hospitals within Dubai Healthcare City.” 

The success of C37 in 2023 can be attributed to the benefits it offers, leading to a threefold increase in the number of practicing doctors. C37 now boasts 28 members, 14 of them being international experts, who have collectively performed 5,619 medical procedures. 

Dr. Mohamed Elbaz

Dr. Mohamed Elbaz, Medical Director & Head of Operation of C37 platform, said: “We take pride in being the first and only private medical workspace of its kind in the UAE, offering comprehensive and unparalleled advantages to visiting doctors. C37 provides advanced, tailored, and shared medical services and workspaces at an affordable rate, streamlined procedures for visa and license process, discounts on diagnostic and laboratory services through our network, as well as information technology solutions. Every service can be customised based on individual needs, and we allocate a skilled team of nursing staff and administrators for all necessary operations. We are pleased that the platform embraces a diverse range of specialties, spanning clinical dieticians, plastic surgeons, interventional radiologists, sports medicine specialists and neuropathologists. With C37, we are pleased to provide doctors with the chance to extend their services to a larger number of patients and broaden their network of professional connections, while enhancing the capabilities of Emirati professionals specialised in diverse medical fields through knowledge exchange and shared experiences.” 

Supporting Dubai’s medical tourism offerings also comes within the scope of C37. It attracts top-tier doctors from around the world to Dubai, making their healthcare services accessible to the residents of the UAE and the broader region. C37 is currently home to 14 doctors from Germany, Hong Kong, USA, France, Lebanon, and the UK, a diversity that elevates the standard of services offered to patients in the country. 

Dr. Walid Ashkar

Dr. Walid Ashkar, a German Board certified plastic surgeon and member of C37, said: “C37 provides me to deliver my services to patients in Dubai and the UAE at the highest standards, while also continuing my practice in Saudi Arabia and Germany. The platform provides numerous benefits and unparalleled support for doctors associated with it, establishing itself as a comprehensive and innovative destination that offers optimal support for visiting doctors in the UAE.” 

As part of its continuous efforts to support its members, C37 has signed various agreements. A recent MoU was signed with the Canadian Specialist Hospital (CSH), allowing CSH’s doctors, who do not own private clinics, to receive patients in C37’s workspaces. Moreover, C37’s surgeons will be able to perform their operations in CSH’s fully-equipped facilities. 

Additionally, C37 signed an agreement with Gargash Hospital, outlining mutual cooperation that integrates Gargash Hospital into C37’s network of service providers and enables the platform to refer doctors to Gargash Hospital. 

Dr. Pierre Majdalani

Dr. Pierre Majdalani, a consultant in pediatrics, pulmonology and pediatric asthma, and a member of C37, said: “I am delighted to become a member of C37. The platform presents a novel and innovative concept that allows me to concentrate on delivering high-quality healthcare to children, while raising awareness about various health issues. It also provides numerous facilities and benefits, creating a suitable medical environment for my work, along with opportunities for collaboration with esteemed facilities and hospitals.” 


“Our dedication to bolstering the health sector transcends conventional healthcare. We aspire to deliver groundbreaking solutions, establishing a leading global healthcare and wellness ecosystem for top-tier medical services to elevate Dubai’s global standing.” 

Allae AlManini, Chief Financial Officer at Dubai Healthcare City Authority.

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