Cedars-Sinai is a global destination for world-class care amid top U.S. rankings

Defining Excellence in Healthcare on the Global Stage

There has never been a better time to consider Cedars-Sinai for patients with complex medical conditions or simply those who seek the best in expert medicine. Cedars-Sinai was recognized as one of the best hospitals in the U.S. for the eighth year in a row in U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Hospitals 2023-24” Honor Roll.

Cedars-Sinai also ranked among the top five in six specialties (Cardiology, Heart & Vascular Surgery; Gastroenterology & GI Surgery; Orthopedics; Pulmonology & Lung Surgery; Neurology & Neurosurgery; and Urology). Eleven specialties ranked among the top in the U.S.

This stature is what draws patients from every part of the world to Cedars-Sinai. 

“We are currently caring for patients from more than 100 countries in several sought-after specialties like heart, cancer, neurology, orthopaedics, gastrointestinal diseases, transplantation and women’s health” said Heitham Hassoun, MD, Vice President and Medical Director of Cedars-Sinai International.

Cedars-Sinai International: Personalized Care on a Global Scale

Geography should never be an obstacle to receiving world-class healthcare services. Cedars-Sinai International is continually making strides to reach more patients in more countries while also making it easier for them to seek care in Los Angeles, where it is based. Patients who come to Cedars-Sinai have access to the latest equipment, leading-edge research, renowned physicians and advanced therapies. But these are only a few aspects of top-quality care. Cedars-Sinai International strongly believes that healthcare is personal and that cultural traditions, approaches and beliefs are vital to a patient’s wellbeing. 

A dedicated Patient Services team helps international patients navigate their care journey with appropriate cultural and language support. A range of concierge services is especially designed for patients who are traveling to the Los Angeles campus from abroad. Streamlining international referrals and working with insurers worldwide are just two of the ways Patient Services can provide key healthcare support to patients from abroad. They also manage administrative details, such as scheduling appointments and record review, and they can advise on travel, accommodations and activities to enhance a patient’s stay.

Patients and their families also have access to Cedars-Sinai’s International Lounge, an exclusive space with multiple areas for relaxation, a shared office, a communications room, a pantry, a prayer/meditation room and private rooms where they can meet with their coordinator and enjoy the time in between appointments. 

“Los Angeles is one of the most diverse, dynamic cities on Earth, which gives us a head start in delivering culturally appropriate care,” said Dr. Hassoun, adding that some 10 languages are spoken at Cedars-Sinai, including Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish, French and Cantonese. Other important touches, from specialized diets to access to appropriate clergy, help round out a personalized, dignified experience for the duration of the patient’s stay.

Strategic Partnerships in Action

To bring top-flight care closer to more people, Cedars-Sinai International’s Global Services team continually explores opportunities for collaboration with hospitals outside of the U.S. Through a variety of collaborative strategies, Cedars-Sinai offers a full spectrum of advisory and consulting services that help prospective partners around the world achieve their goals as the global healthcare environment evolves. From Mexico to Asia to the Middle East, providers come together through webinars, conferences and trade shows to share knowledge, ideas and visions for the future. Additionally, our growing in-country office presence (currently in Mexico City, soon in Singapore and more countries) provides patients and referring physicians the opportunity to learn more about Cedars-Sinai, gain access to our knowledge through second opinions and receive care in Los Angeles as the need arises.

Perhaps most importantly, strategic collaborations have been formed that already have led to new state-of-the-art facilities, such as The View Hospital in Qatar, an affiliation between Cedars-Sinai and Elegancia Healthcare, a subsidiary of Estithmar Holding. Not only is The View Hospital an extraordinary new offering for patients in the Gulf region and beyond, it also ushered in a new era of collaboration between Cedars-Sinai International and healthcare organizations in the Middle East. On the heels of The View Hospital’s grand opening in December, Cedars-Sinai had its largest-ever presence at Arab Health 2023.

“As we continue to grow around the world, reach the top of healthcare rankings and find new ways to reach more patients,” said Dr. Hassoun, “one thing remains steadfast—our commitment to providing the finest care available and exceeding our patients’ expectations no matter where they are.”

For more Information: www.cedars-sinai.org/international

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