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“Darb Al-Aafia” aims to increase health awareness

By Abdul-Azim Abdul-Wahab; Senior Consultant Surgeon & the Chief of the Medical Staff at Al-Ahli Hospital - Doha / Qatar

On behalf of the medical team at Al-Ahli Hospital and the Darb Al-Aafia magazine team, I would like to extend my gratitude to our readers, contributors, and editors who have volunteered to contribute to the success of Darb Al-Aafia magazine, which aims to promote health awareness and maintain communication with our readers.  The magazine is published four times a year, with a special focus on diverse health topics that address community health issues. A significant amount of work has been done to develop this magazine into an electronic format that is accessible to everyone through:

The team has worked to release it in a new edition, and we hope that it will meet your satisfaction. We welcome contributions that enhance health awareness, especially those that adopt a multidisciplinary approach and address various health issues, particularly those affecting young people. Finally, we encourage all scientific communities to participate with us to ensure the continuity of Darb Al-Aafia magazine. We also welcome comments and suggestions that would improve the magazine’s quality.

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