Dedalus Pioneering Digital Healthcare Solutions for Africa’s Healthcare Transformation

Dedalus sparks collaboration and champions healthcare equity across Africa, with a special focus on South Africa

Dedalus, a leading global healthcare solutions company, is at the forefront of healthcare worldwide, and is building a digital footprint across Africa. In collaboration with their local partners, Dedalus is driving positive change in healthcare systems throughout the continent.

Dedalus is proud to be featured in the upcoming “Innovators and Disruptors” film by TBD Media Group, lunched on the Reuters news agency channel on the 17th October 2023. This film, initially aligned with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) 75th anniversary celebration, and underscores Dedalus’ commitment to transforming healthcare in Africa.

The film captures insights from prominent healthcare figures in South Africa, shedding light on how dedicated individuals play an integral part in the transformation of healthcare for their communities and beyond.

“In today’s modern world, information sharing and networking have unlocked a treasure chest of data. We see immense potential for digital healthcare in Africa, with the right policies, investments, and partnerships,” said Sam Amory, Dedalus Managing Director for the Middle East & Africa. “Our goal is to enhance healthcare equity and quality for all Africans.”

Healthcare technology is sweeping through Africa and Dedalus’ participation in this groundbreaking series underscores the power of meaningful storytelling. South Africa is harnessing its unique cultural and environmental resources to promote healthy living and enhance its healthcare offerings. Dedalus MEA

Suite 203, DIC Building 2, Dubai Internet City, Dubai, UAE

Email: info.mea@dedalus.com Website: www.dedalus.com/mea

To watch the film on the Reuters channel and learn more about Dedalus’ transformative initiatives in African healthcare, please visit www.dedalus.com/mea or contact info.mea@dedalus.com.


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