Dr. Claudia Mika

Founder & CEO- Temos

Dr. Claudia Mika


Temos is the first international healthcare accreditation organization to incorporate standards specifically designed for hospitals and clinics that serve international patients. “Hospitals” magazine had the privilege to meet with Dr. Claudia Mika, Founder & CEO – Temos.

How can we tell our readers about Temos? What are your services? Who benefits from your accreditation?

Founded in 2010, Temos is the first international healthcare accreditation organization to incorporate standards specifically designed for hospitals and clinics that serve international patients. Since then, the company has evolved into an ISQua/IEEA accredited organization offering the highest standards of accreditation for hospitals and clinics globally serving both domestic and international patients. The Temos accreditation process involves an independent assessment of the healthcare provider’s policies and procedures evaluated against a backdrop of international best practices and evidence-based standards to help hospitals and clinics provide the best possible clinical and non-clinical outcomes. 

Temos clients are healthcare leaders who believe in innovation to deliver better clinical and non-clinical services while differentiating themselves in the global marketplace. In the increasingly competitive world of health and medical travel, Temos accreditation leads the way in excellence, innovation, and an unwavering focus on the evolving needs of patients and providers. Our clients share our principles and goals for the improvement of healthcare services.

What are the accreditation programs that you offer whether for international patients or for hospitals and clinics?

Temos offers the widest selection of choice of accreditation programs by any international organization. It is the first international accreditation organization to develop specialized accreditation programs for different types of healthcare providers.

Rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach, Temos offers a tailored approach to its accreditation. From single, stand-alone clinics to multi-site hospitals offering complex care, Temos accreditation programs meet the needs of:

  • Hospitals offering primary to quaternary care​.​
  • Clinics including primary care facilities, medical centers, and outpatient centers​.​
  • Dental hospitals, clinics and practices​.​
  • Physical rehabilitation centers​IVF clinics​.​
  • Eye clinics​.​

These distinct accreditation programs are based on a core set of standards and principles that apply to every healthcare Temos accredited provider. Each program is tailored to the particular discipline to address the unique services provided to the patients they serve.  

Temos also created and offered the first accreditation program for medical travel coordinators/facilitators.

What is the process that you follow? What about requirements for Temos accreditation?

There are pre-conditions that must be met to qualify for accreditation including but not limited to: Having governmental license(s) to practice; a quality management system implemented; engage in continuous quality improvement; defined outcomes and performance indicators; and excellent medical staff. 

The accreditation process is begun by submitting online basic information about the organization to Temos Headquarters where it is reviewed, for free, by Temos staff to ensure that the pre-requisites are met. Then the interactive and collaborative process of submitting documentation for review to ensure that the hospital or clinic meets the various accreditation standards takes place. Once the off-site review is completed, an on-site two to five-day visit by Temos assessors is scheduled to ensure compliance with the standards. Once that verification process is completed, the accreditation certificate is issued for three years with annual follow-ups in between.

Can you brief us about your newly awarded ISQua/IEEA accreditation? What is the importance of this accreditation to offer the highest healthcare standards?

ISQua, known as the “Accreditor of Accreditors” is universally recognized as the “gold standard” for global accrediting organizations such as Temos. Temos submitted its comprehensive set of accreditation standards to undergo a rigorous process of review of its unique patient-centered clinical and non-clinical standards. Those standards were accredited in record time. With ISQua accreditation, Temos joins an elite group of international accreditation organizations to offer the very highest healthcare standards.

The accreditation of Temos’ standards demonstrates to hospitals, clinics, patients, insurance and self-insured companies, Ministries of Health and others that Temos-accredited providers adhere to international best practices as verified by Temos.

It’s well known that there are eight accredited hospitals and clinics in the MENA in Egypt, Jordan and in UAE. What are their reasons for seeking accreditation and for selecting Temos?

Temos is very proud of its eight accredited hospitals and clinics in the MENA and is working with others in the region that are in the process of accreditation with us. These organizations demonstrate a commitment to providing the highest quality of clinical and non-clinical services by working with Temos. We believe that the hospitals and clinics selected Temos for the comprehensive set of accredited standards as well as our excellent business reputation including our high ethical standards. The Temos assessment process is also culturally sensitive so that we can accommodate the specific religious, dietary, and cultural needs of the patients being served. Our clients are very loyal and satisfied with our services. We look to work with many more hospitals and clinics in the MENA.

What about the quality solutions that you offer for innovative healthcare leaders?

Temos has been and continues to be an innovator in accreditation. Temos is the first ISQua accredited organization to assess services including sustainability in healthcare; patient blood management; legal aspects in international patient management; and ethics and international patients.  Among its many “firsts”, Temos is the:

  • First German accreditation organization with ISQua accredited standards​.​
  • First ISQua accreditation organization owned by a woman.​
  • First healthcare accreditation organization having a dedicated chapter for “sustainability in healthcare”​.​
  • First healthcare accreditation organization having a dedicated chapter for “patient blood management”​.​
  • First healthcare accreditation organization having a dedicated chapter for “legal aspects in international patient management”​.​
  • First ISQua accreditation organization offering healthcare accreditation and combining it with international patient management and medical tourism​.​
  • First and only healthcare accreditation organization having an exclusive partnership with Diplomatic Council and “DC preferred partner” certification​.​ 
  • First accreditation organization offering specialized accreditation program for dental organizations, eye clinics, rehabilitation and reproductive care clinics​.​
  • First accreditation organization that developed an accreditation program for medical travel coordinators/facilitators​.​
  • CEO, Dr. Claudia Mika is first and the only woman awarded the “Dr. Sanjiv Malik Lifetime Award” for her achievements for the medical travel industry.

The company leads by example and sets standards for the industry. It is not content to follow or imitate others.

What is the importance of continuous quality improvement for the hospitals?

Continuous Quality Improvement is a prerequisite for accreditation because it demonstrates that the healthcare provider engages in the process of constantly reviewing its services to ensure that excellence is maintained and that efforts are made to improve services that fall short of excellence. That management approach is the foundation upon which accreditation is based. 

Temos is specified by offering healthcare accreditation combined with international patient management and medical tourism. What is the process that you follow in this field? What is the importance of this kind of accreditation?

Temos accreditation is designed for hospitals and clinics that serve domestic as well as international patients and is based on the belief that all patients deserve the best clinical and non-clinical outcomes possible. 

Because of the nature of the international patient journey, they have additional needs compared to domestic patients. 

It is essential that healthcare providers have systems, processes and procedures in place to ensure that the end-to-end patient experience is served. Since 2010, Temos has offered standards that take into account the entire patient experience, innovating this approach that has only been imitated by others.

What is your future vision for better services and continuous quality improvement?

Accreditation is an important part of the process of improving healthcare services to patients around the world. It can raise the standard of care provided to patients in every corner of the world. The Temos team already serves accredited partners on five continents. We are ready to do our part to improve access to affordable quality healthcare services for all patients worldwide. 

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