Evario one

The economical hospital bed for global use

The head-side element of the split ¾-safety side offers support during mobilisation

Modern hospital beds help to overcome many challenges. In times of staff shortage, they have to reduce workload and physical stress. In the fight against nosocomial infections, good hygiene properties are a strong asset. And in view of the many cost-cutting pressures, economical operation of the beds with little maintenance is a great relief. Stiegelmeyer, the leading German manufacturer of medical beds, has used its innovative strength and over 120 years of experience to design a new bed for all these requirements. Its name is Evario one.

The Evario one is characterized by a large selection of individual features, making it suitable for use on different wards and the demands of international markets.

The optimum working height can be set smoothly with the available control elements, e.g. the handset

Choice of two safety sides

An attractive feature of the bed is the choice between two new safety side systems. The split ¾-safety side supports early mobilization of patients. Lowering its foot-side element creates sufficient space to leave the bed. The short head-side element is ideal as a stand-up aid. The nurse can easily operate this safety side with one hand.

The second system, the pivoting ¾-safety side, is a good choice for smaller rooms. It swings down quietly without taking up additional space along the bedside. Its slender bars offer an unobstructed view into the room and do not hide attached accessories when lowered. If a patient needs maximum protection, an optional infill piece closes the space at the foot end of both safety sides. It can be inserted without tools.

Even without the use of safety sides, the Evario one supports fall prevention. With its large height adjustment range from 36 to 82 cm, it reduces the risk of fall injuries in the lowest position. At the same time, nurses can work in the maximum position in an upright posture that is easy on the back. Back pain is one of the main causes of sick leave in hospitals. The Evario one helps to solve this problem.

Optional supply brackets and practical handle bars enable modern patient care from all sides

Operation with handset or panel

The staff is also relieved by the bed’s customized operating concepts. An intuitive handset is available for all equipment variants. With the help of an unlocking magnet, the nurse can also activate the CPR and Trendelenburg functions directly at the handset. If things need to go even faster, the Evario one can be brought instantly into the CPR position with a mechanical lever under the head section. 

If the bed is equipped with the split ¾-safety side, integrated control panels can also be selected on both sides of the bed. The practical “control panel light” was developed especially for the Evario one. Facing inside, it offers comfortable adjustment options for the patient. The outside combines important functions for nurses and technicians. The control panels are always in an ideal position close to the head end, so that the nurse does not have to take their eyes off the patient even in hectic situations. If they have their hands full, they can also adjust the height of the mattress base with a footswitch.

The Evario one was developed in Germany and fully lives up to the good reputation of German engineering. All design features have been tested far beyond standards for high durability. The low maintenance requirements increase the economic efficiency of the bed. Likewise, its planar design with little niches reduces the effort required for manual reprocessing and still ensures optimal hygiene. In the fight against hospital germs, the Evario one is a strong ally.

Discover the Evario one – a bed for worldwide use that was also created for your very individual requirements. 

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