Exceptional psychotherapy from the Czech Republic A network of NEO Center clinics

The Covid 19 pandemic has caused increased interest in psychologists and therapists worldwide. The numbers of addictions, depression, anxiety, and other conditions that people did not experience so much three years ago have also increased. Neo Center clinics help clients from all over the world. During Covid, they helped doctors and medical staff from the largest Czech state university hospital, Motol, to overcome these mentally demanding days for free. Today, the NEO Center network of private clinics has two residential clinics and one outpatient clinic in Prague. Proud to have a team of professional therapists, a family approach, quality services, and 100% discretion that you’d hardly find elsewhere. Neo Center’s partner clinic is the unique private clinic RósGlas in Ireland.

After more than five years of operation, NEO Center already has a strong position and public awareness. It cooperates with leading experts in the addiction field, its representatives participate in psychological conferences, and cooperates with the largest Czech state university hospital Motol.

The demand for therapists has been growing for the past two years. Mental disorders, poor mental health, and addictions are on the rise in the post-covid era. People put more and more pressure on themselves, which they then struggle to balance. This is one of the reasons why Libor Votruba founded this therapy clinic, which offers above-standard services from top therapists under 100% anonymity.

The private clinic recommended by the state health sector

During the COVID-19 pandemic, NEO Center cooperated with the largest and most prestigious Czech state university hospital, Motol, which annually hospitalizes up to 80,000 patients. The NEO Center became the place where doctors and nurses came during the most difficult moments of their careers. NEO Center provided them with free space to regain strength in their admirable profession. Hospital employees used outpatient therapy services or several-day stays in clinics. NEO prides itself on a high success feedback rate of treatment processes.

The collaboration was established on the basis of an agreement with Dr. Martin Holcát, Deputy Director of the Motol University Hospital in Prague for curative and preventive care and former Minister of Health of the Czech Republic. The help system was linked to the exhibition and the Helpful Art in Covid project, on which Martin Holcát collaborated with the artist Pavel Šťastný. The exhibition maps over 2,000 works of art from 90 countries with the theme of COVID-19 and was exhibited in Motol hospital under the title “Art is part of positive therapy and it heals”.

The most common problems the clinic’s patients deal with are addictions, phobias, depression, anxiety, and crises of various kinds. NEO Center therapists noticed an increase mainly in connection with the covid period, and until today people are still dealing with the aftermath in various forms. Therapists are able to react quickly and treat patients practically immediately after they decide to go with the treatment.

They offer individual and group therapy, psychiatric consultations, the globally recognized 12-step method of Alcoholics Anonymous, family and couple therapy, as well as relapse prevention – preventing risky situations and effectively dealing with failure.

Therapy can be arranged online or visit the clinic in Prague – Libeň.


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