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Fakeeh Care invests $500 million to bring medical excellence to Dubai Silicon Oasis with 350-bed Fakeeh University Hospital

Fakeeh Care, a pioneering healthcare provider from Saudi Arabia is bringing its renowned medical excellence offering to the UAE with a 350-bed Fakeeh University Hospital in Dubai Silicon Oasis. With world-class care that is administered by the region’s leading medical practitioners across 55 specialties, this state-of-the-art healthcare facility will serve communities in the heart of the UAE and the wider region. Fakeeh Care’s foray into Dubai also marks the launch of its onsite teaching and research hospital.

With a 42-year legacy that has been built on a “patient first” philosophy, Fakeeh Care has amassed several achievements in Saudi Arabia, which are the result of prioritizing patient care above all. The group has championed medical expertise and pioneering technologies at par with some of the best in the world, enabling it to successfully complete the first heart transplant in KSA’s Western Region; the first renal transplant; and the first successful IVF treatment in KSA’s private sector.  

Spanning one million square feet across four independent yet interconnected buildings, Fakeeh University Hospital offers 55 clinics across the healthcare spectrum – including primary, secondary, and tertiary care all under one campus. Estimated to treat 700,000 patients every year, the hospital channels the healing properties of nature, with all areas allowing for natural sunlight, greenery, and water features to create an optimal healing environment.

Dr. Mazen Fakeeh, President and Chairman of the Board of Fakeeh Care said, “Fakeeh University Hospital brings to Dubai, the best of Fakeeh Care’s legacy as a leading Saudi healthcare provider, to support the UAE’s ambition to be a leader in ensuring the people of the country have the best quality of life in the world.”

“For 42 years, Fakeeh Care has built strong and lasting relationships with the communities it serves. We have embraced innovation, which, combined with our expertise, has allowed us to ensure that medical excellence is at the heart of everything we do. Our team of doctors are driven by their passion to deliver positive patient outcomes. Through our integrated healthcare model using smart technologies, we reaffirm our commitment to making a positive contribution to the development of the healthcare sector in the UAE.” 

Next generation of doctors 

Fakeeh University Hospital is a teaching facility, aimed to develop the future generation of doctors and nurses within the UAE. With an academic and research facility affiliation, the university will help foster innovation in medical education and training, to bring the first teaching hospital to Dubai. 

New frontiers in healthcare

As a technology-driven, patient-centric facility, Fakeeh University Hospital functions as a smart hospital, with a fully automated robotic pharmacy – the first of its kind in Dubai – to dispense medication, minimizing human errors and reducing wait times. The hospital has also developed an app that acts as a gateway to efficiency, bringing health management to patients’ fingertips. Through the app, patients can book appointments, generate a token prior to arriving at the hospital, access medical records, laboratory results, and see doctor’s prescriptions live, as it is being prescribed. Future plans include an unmatched hospital navigation system to help patients move around the clinics and campus with ease.

Integrated care

Fakeeh University Hospital offers a complete suite of services to ensure a highly evolved patient experience. This includes hospital visits, tele-consultation, and home visits. The hospital also uses a multidisciplinary team approach, using a team of doctors to assess, plan and manage the needs of patients jointly, enabling precise diagnosis, better outcomes, and faster recoveries.

State-of-the-art birthing units

Amongst other highlights is the hospital’s birthing units, featuring eight all-inclusive birthing centres. Expectant mothers will be provided optimal care to go through all stages of birthing within the confines of one room – from delivery to nursing and recovery. The centre also features eight water birthing pools, operating theatres, intensive care and more. The hospital also includes an isolated birthing suite for patients who have tested positive with COVID-19. The four-buildings campus is designed for quick isolation, ready to effectively face any disease outbreak while ensuring healthcare continuity for elective procedures.

Dubai’s largest emergency department in the private sector

Spread across 35,000 square feet, Fakeeh University Hospital’s emergency department is the largest in the emirate in the private sector, equipped with operating theaters, radiology, diagnostics, and more. These are located next to each other to accelerate patient transfers and save vital time – critical to preventing fatalities and maximizing recovery. The facility is also fully integrated with smart ambulances, allowing vital information to be transmitted to attending doctors and nurses as the patient is being transferred. This will enable timely and effective responses when addressing severe conditions like strokes. 

Dr. Fakeeh added, “We have carefully selected doctors and caregivers who embody the values and heritage that Fakeeh Care represents. At the heart of our patient experience is a smart and customised mindset to ensure that the best decisions are taken with our patients’ interests at heart. To this end, we have struck the right balance between leading medical excellence and technology, harnessing the power of innovation and personalised attention to ultimately benefit our patients. With our physician-led approach, we are confident of quickly becoming a trusted healthcare partner in Dubai Silicon Oasis, and the wider communities of Dubai, the UAE, and the wider region.”

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