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Fakeeh University Hospital: Hospitality Solutions Transforming Patient Care

Dr. Fatih Mehmet Gul, Vice President UAE and Growth Office, CEO FUH

Patient care and comfort should always be prioritized in healthcare. That’s why, at Fakeeh University Hospital, we developed a new approach to boosting patient satisfaction by adding hospitality solutions. We realize the importance of providing patients with the highest quality care and service as a leading healthcare provider in the Middle East. That’s why we went to the hospitality industry for inspiration, adapting their customer-centric approach to create new solutions that meet the demands of our patients.

With more than 45 years of experience running hospitals and outpatient clinics, we understand what patients and their families require. At the planning stage of our hospital, we conducted comprehensive patient journey surveys and analyzed the newest trends in care delivery models and hotel sector trends to build a hospital that delivers a unique blend of healthcare and hospitality services. Our goal was to build a true Smart Hospital that uses cutting-edge healthcare technology and provides the same level of service that patients would expect from a hotel.

 The patient’s journey begins at home. We began by developing a mobile application that allows patients to arrange appointments without having to call the call center. This mobile app also offers patients with hospital information as well as doctor notes, results, and documents from their appointment, making it easier for them to navigate their healthcare journey.

 We also made certain that we had adequate drop-off and parking alternatives in our multi-story car parking space. For patients who require extra assistance, we provide a first-in-Dubai motorized wheelchair option that is well received by our patients, making life easier for both caregivers and patients.

We also developed the largest closed atrium in our hospital, named pavilion to provide patients and staff with a peaceful and healing environment. Within the same space, we have the tallest green wall with living plants, an art gallery, and a piano that is occasionally played by great artists and itself. With the hospital’s art gallery, we’ve launched a corporate social responsibility program for local artists, allowing them to meet more people and create an art atmosphere for patients and staff to enjoy.

 We built digital medical signages to provide patients with simple access to information and directions because information flow is an important part of hospitality. Our digital system, which is coupled with our in-house HIS technology, allows clinicians to upload information and updates in real time, allowing patients to simply navigate the hospital.

 Our patient rooms are also equipped with the newest technologies to enhance the patient experience. We collaborated with a global furniture manufacturer to organize the furniture models in accordance with the most recent medical-grade furniture trends, ensuring that the quality and comfort of our patients are not compromised. Our patient beds are equipped with connected beds, which allow us to better understand the patient’s routines and be there for them in the event of an emergency.

 To provide patients with a more personalized experience, we acquired a hospitality software solution and medicalized it to offer similar hospitality and medical services to our patients and family. This solution is extremely adaptable, allowing us to add new services as required by the operation. Our hospitality software receives the order and prepares the room when patients begin their admission process at the admission office. Opens the curtains, turns on the lights, turns on the air conditioner, and prepares the room for the patients. When the patient enters the room, a welcome greeting from the hospital CEO will be displayed on the TV screen. All our rooms has an iPad installed on the overbed table. After patient’s initial touch to iPad, the app starts with an introduction. On the first screen patients see the information regarding doctor, nurse and the room. It’s a good thing we’re becoming better at this, because it’s a lot easier to treat patients when we’re not in the hospital. Patients may easily adjust their room atmosphere, order food, watch TV and movies, and communicate with hospital departments.

 During the COVID-19 pandemic, our iPads allowed us to communicate with patients without even entering the room via video calls, and our patients were able to communicate with their relatives at all times. This approach was a tremendous comfort to our patients during these trying times, making them feel more connected to the hospital and their loved ones.

 At Fakeeh University Hospital, we realize that patient care entails more than just treating their condition; it also entails creating a relaxing and healing environment. Our innovative hospitality solutions give the finest level of care and comfort to patients, allowing them to concentrate on their recovery. We hope to transform patient care and have a beneficial impact on the healthcare business by combining cutting-edge healthcare technology with hospitality solutions.

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