Hill-Rom’s Smart Beds and Commitment to Connectivity

In today’s clinical care environment, hospitals need solutions that enhance outcomes for patients and their caregivers. Hill-Rom Smart Beds – designed for the medical/surgical ward as well as the ICU, relay up to 35 points of data, varying by bed type and application. Hill-Rom Smart Beds are designed to get patients better and out of bed faster; clinical protocols around early mobility take advantage of Hill-Rom’s innovative bed technology.

Hill-Rom smart bed-generated data, such as head-of-bed angle, bed height, side-rails and exit alarm status, patient weight and more, is made actionable, visible and useful through seamless connectivity to:

  • Hill-Rom® Nurse Call and other Nurse Call systems.
  • Status Boards.
  • Wireless Phones and Pendants.
  • Electronic Medical Records.
  • Other Clinical Applications.

Hill-Rom Smart Beds – Preventing and Alleviating Pressure Injuries

One in 10 patients in acute care have pressure injuries, and one in 20 patients experience a facility-acquired pressure injury (Source: VanGilder C, et al. WOCN Conference. 2012.)  Hill-Rom’s Smart Bed frames pair with the company’s wide range of therapeutic surface
technologies. Hill-Rom’s more advanced surfaces address shear, friction and pressure, and keep the patient cool and dry. Hill-Rom’s patented Advanced Microclimate® technology wicks away heat and moisture, making the skin less susceptible to damage and helping to prevent and alleviate pressure injuries.

Patient Safety

The capabilities of Hill-Rom Smart Beds and Surfaces are augmented by Hill-Rom’s NaviCare® Patient Safety Solution, which helps reduce patient falls by ensuring patients are in a safe state at all times. NaviCare automatically:

  • Activates safety settings on the bed based on patient presence (i.e. bed exit alarm)
  • Alerts caregivers when bed enters and unsafe state (bed height not low, rails out of position)
  • Cancels and suppresses alerts based on caregiver presence in the room.
  • Resets alarms when the caregiver leaves the patient room.

Hill-Rom Smart Beds and NaviCare patient Safety Solution

Together, the Hill-Rom family of Smart Beds and the NaviCare Patient Safety Solution:

  • Reduce interruptions: Bed data, such as patient weight, is sent directly to the patient’s record in the EMR to reduced documentation requirements for staff.
  • Impact Patient Safety: Unit-level visibility of bed state and patient risks to address falls and pulmonary risks.
  • Patient-Focused: Continuous monitoring of bed state and automated arming of bed exit alarms maintains the caregiver to focus on the patient.
  • Optimize Care: Reports help identify trends and inform caregiver practice to improve care and reduce risk.

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