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“Our patients are our guests, we try to make them feel at home rather than being in a hospital.”

Acibadem was a small district hospital in the beginning. We named our hospital after the name of a district of Istanbul. Today, this name is a well-known global brand in the healthcare sector. Now, Acıbadem operates in 5 countries, namely Turkey, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia and The Netherlands with 22 hospitals and 18 outpatient clinics. In addition to hospitals and outpatient clinics, we are represented in 22 different countries with 36 Health Point information offices. Acıbadem has approximately 21.000 employees, including 4.000 doctors and 4.200 nurses.

We provide services to 5 million people in a year. Acıbadem Healthcare Group grows and develops rapidly both in Turkey and abroad. The Group creates an ecosystem with its business model in a very short time. The driving power of our overall growth strategies is our motivation to act in line with the desire of innovation and perfection with both our business model and our employees, who had already adopted this model, while precisely focusing on patient satisfaction and safety. Acıbadem has blazed many trails and successful works both in Turkey and international field with this culture. Growing is only one of them. 

We believe that, our patients are our guests so we try to make them feel at home rather than being in a hospital. In order to do that we mainly concentrate on the healing environment, functional patient flow and patient safety.  

As Acıbadem Healthcare Group, we keep creating healing environment for patients, their relatives and our employees with evidence-based design approach. The design criteria aim to create a building that integrates the latest architectural quests, functionality and health technologies. The forest and sea view are also maintained in the interior solutions of the healing design psychology; the glass has been used up to the front, and also natural light has been carried to the inside of the bathroom. Extensive corridors and waiting areas are separated from each other to increase the level of comfort and to ensure patient privacy. Vertical and horizontal circulations for patients and employees were arranged separately from general circulation areas. The elevator area for service and patients is planned in a region where can be reached from all the medical departments of the hospital in the shortest distance. This is an advantage for logistics of medicine, food, laundry and wastes. 

The principal component of our culture is based on the functional patient flow. You can see this clearly at the first point when you arrive to our hospitals. We are known for our hospitality, our patients are our guests and we try to make them feel at home rather than being in a hospital. We know that it is very important to deliver medical and nonmedical services with highest quality to make patients feel at home. In order to do that, we have developed a 360° model ecosystem that is focused on patient flow to meet all needs. This model was so striking that JP Morgan, one of the important global investment banks, presented this model as an example to the world in 2007. A component of this ecosystem is an integrated structure that provides the patients with necessary services at hospitals. The Healthcare support Institutions within the ecosystem are working hard to be able to continuously improve the patient flow. Acıbadem Project Management develops turnkey hospital establishment projects. Acıbadem Labmed, Labvital, LabCell offer a wide range of services including pathology, food control, stem cell and cord blood bank within the laboratory framework. Acıbadem Technology develops and improves inhouse softwares including “Hospital Information System”. APlus addresses the hygiene, laundry and catering requirements of hospitals and Acıbadem Mobile provides emergency and home care services outside of hospitals. We are proud that, while these support institutions are providing the highest quality services in Acıbadem Healthcare Group, they also produce services to meet needs of major international brands.

Hospitals are active 7 days 24 hours and the patient safety is a key element for patients and employees. It will be much easier, comfortable and safer to provide health services in buildings where teams are aware of all the needs of this dynamism. On the other hand, the requirements of the building, (circulation, technical infrastructure, logistic processes) the content and requirements of the health services provided in that building should also be in line. For example; the needs of patients from a cancer center or neurology patients, and the establishment of a gynecological and maternity care provider is entirely different. We highly focus on the different disciplines that are serving under the same roof with minimal error and mistake. One of the most important features that make a difference in patient safety is the operating room environment. The operating room has been made with modular panel system. Because of the motivation and sustainable hygienic characteristics of the staff living throughout the day, the colored decorative glass is preferred for the panel coating. 

For the first time in Turkey and very unique all around the world, Hybrid Operating Room system has been applied which has three different diagnostic units (3 Tesla MRI, 128 slice CT, robotic angio) in sterile area where connected to three operating rooms. Thanks to the surgery under real time imagining structure, brain surgery, interventional radiology, cardiovascular surgery, interventional cardiology, orthopedics and traumatology, cranio-facial surgery urology branches, cancer surgery, 3D trauma surgery are more practicable, efficient and secure. In order to increase the working efficiency of the operating rooms, paranesthesia boxes have been planned in the operating rooms. A central sterilization and medical consumables warehouse were assembled in a common area and a design was prepared for each case with a case cart prepared according to the nature of the case in terms of the operational efficiency. Acıbadem Healthcare Group has been designed according to high healthcare standards in such a way as to integrate the beneficial effects of high technology into the functional needs of a patient to ensure patient safety. 

To sum up, we believe that, our priority is our patients comfort and safety so that the hospitals are designed considering the healing environment, patient flow and safety. Our investment since 1991 enabled us to create comfortable hospitals with high technology providing all medical and nonmedical services in high quality. 

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