Jitka Stranska

Managing Director of LINET MEA

Jitka Stranska

“We are Ready to Face Future Trends”

LINET is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, since its beginning, this European manufacturer has grown to become a global company that ranks among the 4 world leaders in the field of hospital beds. LINET has been operating in the Middle East and Africa for many years, and the strategy of being as close to customers as possible led to the establishment of LINET MEA in Dubai 5 years ago. Its managing director Jitka Stranska spoke to us about the importance of mutual interaction with customers and about current trends and innovations.

What do you think is the most significant trend in the field of hospital beds?

There are many trends and it depends on which angle you look at and what you need. Certainly one of the most important is the digitization and integration of information in the online environment. This is another step in the development of hospital beds, which are currently an active factor in the recovery and therapy of patients. Our beds are now equipped with sensors that monitor, for example, safety parameters or the patient’s presence in the bed. Everything at risk is immediately reported to staff, records are evaluated and directly exported to hospital systems.

Who benefits from beds that are connected online?

Definitely everyone involved. The patient is safer with a reduced risk of falls and injuries. Nurses and doctors have online information about all patients clearly available on the monitor, tablet or mobile. Their work is more efficient, they can better schedule and organize time, and they are not overloaded. Data analysis and evaluation is essential for good management and service.

Is there a demand for smart technologies? How do you determine what healthcare professionals need the most?

Our system was developed by direct interaction with the clinical environment. The new generation of SafetyMonitor has completed field tests and pilot installations with positive feedback. Being in close contact with our customers – doctors, nurses and biomedical engineers – gives us the advantage of anticipating their needs and providing them with the products and services they really need. Our goal is also to transmit information and teach them how to use innovation effectively. We are convinced that this is not very commonplace. That is why we place great emphasis on special workshops and training sessions. Our team of clinical coaches has the opportunity to explain products from a user perspective as well as their clinical benefits while training nurses about correct ergonomics to help create better work habits.

How do you think a bed can improve work habits and the quality of care?

We don’t just bring online applications to healthcare, there are features such as lateral tilt, which helps to manipulate the patient in a completely revolutionary way. The rotation of the mattress platform allows patients to turn on their side by themselves under the supervision of a clinician. The nurse has the ability to position patients effortlessly, which is essential for hygiene and effectively preventing pressure injuries, and lateral tilt also helps with bedding and mobilization. By choosing our beds, you can influence the length of stay in the hospital, the number of work-related injuries and the overall quality of care, as the occurrence of falls or pressure injuries are considered indicators of the quality of nursing care.

And how does the patient benefit from a bed equipped with electronics and special features? Are they aware of what they are lying on?

The patient is key. In addition to simplifying the work of nurses and doctors, for whom patient care is the primary mission, the bed is comfortable for the patient. It is designed to be self-controlled, which increases self-reliance and the design feels pleasant and trustworthy, which is very important in stressful situations during treatment. The bed is not only positive for the psyche, but there are also functions that actively enter the treatment process, for example, automatic lateral therapy is used in the ICU environment to prevent VAP.

Can you explain it?

Simple programming of Automatic Lateral Therapy – ALT function allows patients to rotate up to 30 degrees for continuous therapy and can be used to reduce pleural and transpulmonary pressure. Thanks to further technological development and cooperation with the manufacturer of Electrical Impedance Tomography we now have a platform that enables precise ventilation management that is individualized, continuous, safe and radiation-free. This project is one of our priorities for the coming period and I believe it will be possible to implement this revolutionary method as soon as possible into the therapeutic processes.

How difficult is it to participate actively and at such a level in highly professional projects?

This is possible because of the diverse team working for LINET Group. We have three development centers in Europe and a team of clinical coaches and other professionals who are actively working at the LINET Academy training center and are also engaged in professional activities such as the development of the new method of individualized pulmonary ventilation. Thanks to them we have also developed the Early Mobilization with LINET program aimed at mobilizing and activating ICU patients. 

Also, our own Moving and Handling concept, which is based on ergonomic patient positioning using bed functions and simple aids is very positively accepted. 

We manage to be a part of current events and we are invited as specialists for professional gatherings. After all, we take part in conferences and congresses on a regular basis because it is a great opportunity to share and explain details about our innovations to the professional audience of various specializations and focuses.

What specializations are they?

In addition to the core segment of intensive and acute care, we have an overlap with the pediatric field. Because of a relatively recent acquisition, we have been able to enter the field of obstetrics and gynecology with premium products. We have expanded our portfolio to include the unique AVE 2 birthing bed that is primarily associated with maximum support for natural births. Gracie is a unique gynecological workplace that provides connectivity, efficient use of space and time, and of course high patient comfort. Another trend area is One Day Care and One Day Surgery. 

Statistics say that more than 60% of interventions in the US are currently outpatient. The structure and concept of healthcare is changing rapidly, and we are ready for it.

How do you respond to changes and trends in healthcare in the MEA region?

Here we follow the same trends as in Europe, the USA, and other developed economies. 

People expect the highest quality of care, our advantage is that we can offer innovations for nursing procedures in connection with our beds.

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