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Medical supplies and products in hospitals

Single-use and no-touch products are golden standards for a safe health service in light of the coronavirus pandemic

The medical supplies and products industry has witnessed a tremendous boom in recent years, as international companies are competing with each other to provide the best, whether for healthcare providers in hospitals or for the patient, according to the latest international standards and advanced machinery and equipment. The goal is to provide healthcare institutions with the best possible solutions in order to offer safe health services.

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and the new reality it imposed on the medical sector, single-use medical supplies have gained unparalleled popularity as companies working in this field have been actively producing everything that can facilitate the work of the nurses and doctors while preserving the patient’s health in order to prevent the risk of cross-contamination. The coronavirus pandemic imposed a new type of investment for companies specialized in the medical supplies and protection equipment such as clothing, single-use covers, N95 masks, surgical masks, gloves, respirators and patient monitoring devices that constitute today the majority of medical equipment use in hospitals. The main trend in the manufacture of these supplies is the “single-use” principle so that they are thrown away immediately after each use, which ensures that they are not transferred with the nurse or doctor from one room to another, thus reducing cross-contamination within the hospital environment.

No touch

Adopting the no-touch principle in the production of medical supplies reduces human interaction and the risk of cross-contamination.

Medical equipment and medical supplies manufacturers abide by the international quality standards and specifications in the manufacturing and production process in a way that ensures the application of the no-touch principle during usage given its importance in light of the coronavirus outbreak. Adherence to the no-touch principle eliminates any human interaction in transporting medical equipment and supplies, which means that there is no more risk of contamination that may occur during the handling of surgical instruments, syringes, blood needles etc.

Today, the production of single-use or disposable medical supplies market is witnessing a remarkable increase across the world in light of the healthcare providers’ focus on containing the risks that could threaten their lives due to cross-contamination in the departments designated for coronavirus patients. The use of these products plays a vital role in managing the infection within the hospital; the high rates of infectious diseases and the disproportionate pace of growth in the healthcare infrastructure has led to a high risk of cross-contamination, which has forced the use of disposable medical supplies as a preventive measure for patients and doctors.

The increasing demand for this type of supplies has gained steam due to the increased awareness of the use of these products, but on the other hand, the awareness of the use of products related to the delivery of medicines and patient room supplies increased in a way that guarantees patient and hospital staff safety. This increased demand is linked to the high infection rate with the novel coronavirus and other life-threatening infectious diseases.

In the context of manufacturing these materials, the producing companies realized the importance of this type of supplies and were keen to manufacture them according to the highest international quality standards. They used biodegradable materials in a way that facilitates the recycling process and thus reduces the environmental impact, so they entered into partnerships with hospitals and healthcare centers to produce these supplies, reprocess and recycle them in light of the current high demand for these medical supplies.

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