Medtronic reveals latest innovative technologies transforming healthcare at Arab Health 2022

New solutions in robotic-assisted surgery and miniaturization amongst key highlights

Throughout this week’s Arab Health 2022 exhibition, leading healthcare technology company Medtronic is showcasing its newest medtech innovations across several different disease areas, including its new Hugo™ robotic-assisted surgery (RAS) system, Micra™ Pacemaker, PillCam, and InPen™.

Unlocking new possibilities through robotic-assisted surgery 

Globally, about 3% of surgeries are performed robotically, despite offering patients the benefits of minimally invasive surgery — fewer complications, shorter hospital stays, and faster return to normal activities, with some findings suggesting that robotic surgery can reduce the length of hospitalization by at a day. In addition, robotic surgery is used by surgeons across a variety of procedures, including heart, abdominal, and bariatric surgeries, which would otherwise require open surgery and larger incisions. Technologies such as the Hugo™ RAS system also help address the historic costs and utilization barriers that have prevented robotic surgery development and adoption for decades. Studies have shown that robotic surgery can allow healthcare providers to better manage increasing costs and deliver the best possible outcomes for patients by reducing complications, operating time, and hospital admissions.

“When it comes to the future of healthcare, robotics, miniaturized medical devices and artificial intelligence present infinite potential to advancing patient care, while also helping hospitals improve their operational efficiencies and in the long run reduce costs. For this reason, we are committed to engineering the extraordinary and accelerating care access,” said Majid Kaddoumi, President of Medtronic’s Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa Region. “The Hugo™ RAS system builds upon our deep history in minimally invasive surgery ushering a new era in surgical robotics, and we’re thrilled to provide in the near future hospitals across the region a robotic-assisted surgery system that is thoughtfully designed to meet their needs today and tomorrow. ”

Overall, the Hugo™ RAS system will offer surgeons advanced visualization, improved ergonomics, and enhanced precision when conducting surgery, while providing flexibility by being mobile from operating room to operating room and compatible with trusted surgical tools. The system also enables surgeons to conduct robotic surgery remotely as well as supporting training from any location.

Changing the future of care through miniaturized medical devices 

Through advances in miniaturization, imaging, and battery power, Medtronic is engineering improved outcomes for patients with its technologies such as the Micra™ Pacemaker, the world’s smallest pacemaker, and the PillCam, a capsule endoscopy system that uses a camera the size of a multi-vitamin to take thousands of pictures as it travels down the digestive tract in search of abnormalities. Advancements in miniaturization technology can reduce procedural time, length of hospital stays, and the risk of infection for patients.

“At Medtronic we are always engineering breakthrough technologies that unlock new healthcare possibilities and transform lives by alleviating pain, restoring health and extending life for millions of people,” said Khalil Jamaleddine, Regional Vice President for the Arabian Peninsula at Medtronic. “Technology is evolving so quickly that it requires healthcare companies to stay focused on what matters most. For us, this means improving the outcomes of the people we serve here in the region. By developing devices that are smaller, last longer, and have advanced imaging capabilities, we can help expand what’s possible.”

Improving daily lives through Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is becoming an integral part of healthcare because of advances in computing and sensing technologies, the expansion of available data, and the creation of better algorithms. AI already plays a pivotal role in the company’s robotic-assisted surgery platforms, colonoscopy and endoscopy systems, and insulin pumps, and recently Medtronic has also launched InPen™, the only FDA cleared “smart” insulin pen that integrates glucose sensor data, putting the power of AI to work for patients with Type 1 diabetes who rely on multiple daily injections. 

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