Moscow – Middle East: new vectors of cooperation in medicine

In 2021, the UAE entered the top importers of Moscow products in the Medicine and Pharmaceuticals industry

Medicine in numbers

The UAE is in the list of Moscow’s key partners: for example, in 2021, imports of finished products from Moscow to the United Arab Emirates amounted to $470 million.  In the first place among the most demanded industries in the UAE are Medicine and Pharmaceuticals. So, in 2021, the volume of purchases of goods in this category from Moscow amounted to about $198 million, which is 176 times more than in 2020.

At the same time, Moscow accounted for more than 60% of all Russian medical exports to the UAE in 2021. In the rating of importers of medical products from the capital of Russia, the United Arab Emirates took the second place. Among the goods that were supplied to the UAE in 2021, human vaccines account for the bulk of the volume. The top list included also catheters, dental devices, diagnostic reagents and other products.

Sector of Medicine and Pharmaceuticals has also become the key import sector for Bahrain: the volume of import of this category from Moscow exceeded $3.2 million. The region actively purchased vaccines and manual wheelchairs as well.

Moscow medical companies are entering the Middle East market

The UAE market is a popular destination for medical companies from Moscow. The Middle East is already purchasing laser therapeutic magneto-infrared equipment from RIKTAMED, as well as multifunctional complexes from LasMedTech. In addition, the departments of dentistry in the UAE use virtual simulators from GEOTAR. For example, the Leonardo modification was tested at the Ajman University.

Dubai clinics also buy equipment from Moscow companies. For example, cryocapsules for physiotherapy from GRAND-CRYO are used in preventive medicine. At the same time, Moscow-made cosmetics can also be found on the UAE and Saudi Arabia markets: among them, for example, the popular line of oral care and teeth whitening products from the Global White brand.

Strengthening business cooperation between Moscow and the UAE

It should be stated that many of the mentioned companies managed to enter the Middle East market and find clients thanks to the support of the Moscow Government, in particular, of the Moscow Export Center – an official structure designed to ensure the development of trade and economic relations with foreign partners. In order to support foreign economic activity, the MEC implements a wide range of projects.

In order to acquaint the relevant audience of the United Arab Emirates with Moscow medical companies, the Moscow Export Center opened a joint Made in Moscow stand three times at the largest exhibitions in Dubai. Thus, 50 enterprises of the capital of Russia were able to present their products at the Arab Health exhibition in Dubai. As part of the onsite activity, with the support of the MEC, more than 600 meetings were organized with partners from the UAE.

In 2022, the Moscow Export Center actively strengthened business cooperation with the medical community in the Middle East. So, in September, a delegation of Moscow companies went on a business mission to Dubai. Developers of medical VR platforms, manufacturers of electrosurgical devices and diode lasers for cosmetology, and other companies participated in negotiations with partners from the UAE.

Reverse business missions, which took place onsite in Moscow in November 2022, help strengthen business ties too. So, delegations from several Middle East countries arrived in the capital of Russia: from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. During the meeting, the Dubai company Medical Echo Trading held talks with Moscow manufacturers of medical equipment.

The Moscow Export Center supports not only domestic business ready to find a new markets, but foreign buyers as well.

“The Middle East companies interested in the products and services of Moscow suppliers can contact the Moscow Export Center, which is open to direct interaction with foreign partners and has a wide pool of exporters in 12 industries – from the food industry and textiles to high-tech products. MEC selects the most suitable offers in the market free of charge and provides complete and up-to-date information about companies from the capital of Russia”, – Vitaly Stepanov, head of the Moscow Export Center, emphasized.

The MEC will continue to work on the growth of cooperation between business circles of the Middle East and Moscow: in particular, next year it is planned to open joint Made in Moscow stands at thematic exhibitions in MENA region, as well as to organize a number of business missions with partners.

To learn more about the work of the Moscow Export Center and send a request for cooperation, please follow the link. [ ].

The list rubricated by industries of the companies-exporters in the capital of Russia, is available here, [ ] in Arabic as well.

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