Neo Center’s partner clinic is the unique private clinic RósGlas in Ireland

What makes RósGlas unique is the ratio of staff to guests, an average of 15-20 staff per client. A team of experienced mental health specialists with a 24-hour therapist is solely focused on treating their single guest in their stunning luxury residence equipped with a personal chef, maid, and chauffeur.

From arrival at the airport, throughout the stay, the core values of comfort, confidentiality, and privacy are truly fulfilled in this picturesque, peaceful part of Ireland.

Pradeep Rosglas

The founder and clinical director of Rosglas Recovery have extensive experience in the ‘one client at a time’ model of care. He was one of the pioneers of this work and helped develop this approach when he was Clinical Director of the Kusnacht Practice in Zurich for 4 years. In 2016, he left Switzerland to found Rosglas Recovery.

Anthony Obrien

Using expertise and experience, the RósGlas team first identifies the underlying psychological, biochemical, and social causes of anxiety unique to each individual.

The recovery path is then tailored to the specific needs of each guest. This distraction-free, single-guest approach to treatment allows for significant progress in a relatively short period of time.

Individualized continuing care plans are offered to each guest for their return home. 

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