NewTom 7G – The world’s first Multi-Scan Body CBCT

For the very first time, Cone Beam technology is applied to all areas of the body, including the spine, shoulder, and hip thanks to one of NewTom’s latest high-tech devices. 

NewTom 7G brings cutting-edge CBCT into all-new application fields. Equipped with an extremely high-performance X-ray generator (up to 120 kV and 120 mA) and independent selection of the focal spot (0.3 or 0.6 millimetres), this device lets users perform accurate bone tissue examinations at a resolution of up to 90 μm, ensuring ultra-precise analysis of even very small complex structures such as those of the inner ear. 

The ability to perform exams quickly in “Low Dose” mode — with the acquisition of the desired anatomical area in just seven seconds — is particularly convenient. 

NewTom 7G can be used to investigate innumerable anatomical areas in a wide range of clinical applications, both 3D with numerous FOVs and 2D (also sequentially). Users can acquire ultra-high definition images to diagnose the micro-structures of the ear or hairline fractures in complex joints. NewTom 7G features automatisms that streamline work and limit the distortion inherent in manual procedures, thus ensuring the best results in the shortest time. One of the most recent additions concerns hip examinations. Developed to acquire bilateral hip images, the NewTom 7G can capture a 40 x 17cm FOV. The horizontally extended FOV allows comparative assessment of hip bones via reconstruction into a single volume.

Pioneering Cone Beam technologies in the dental sector

A global benchmark in the field of diagnostic imaging technologies, NewTom was the first company to introduce Cone Beam technology into the dental sector and now offers a vast array of clinical solutions for medical, dental, and veterinary diagnostics. Today, this trusted brand delivers state-of-the-art equipment and provides professional support and service around the globe.

Since the brand was created 25 years ago, NewTom has extended the boundaries of medical imaging, introducing the most advanced diagnostic devices capable of micrometric, ultra-high-resolution detail of bone structure, covering all anatomical areas, from head and neck examinations to ENT, MSK for orthopaedics, as well as dental maxillofacial radiology. 

In each area, NewTom has led the field, innovating through technology and driving scientific trends. 

Patented algorithms, advanced functions for both 2D and 3D imaging, as well as a host of features devoted to reducing the effective dose, thereby safeguarding the health of operators and patients alike, are just a part of the innovations achieved through NewTom’s constant commitment to technological excellence.

ll NewTom devices are supported by powerful DICOM 3.0 compatible NNT software, which can interface with third-party systems and software to store and exchange medical data. 

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