Opening of the Ophthalmology Center LaserVision – Hôtel-Dieu de France

After months of hard work and planning, the efforts of Hôtel-Dieu de France and LaserVision succeeded in establishing the Ophthalmology Center LaserVision – Hôtel-Dieu. Through this recent collaboration, this eye specialist center aims to offer the highest quality of medical and surgical care.

The Ophthalmology Center LaserVision – HDF will provide comprehensive ophthalmic services, including all types of surgeries, laser procedures, treatments, x-ray services and medical consultations… Quality medical and technical professionals will practice at this Center and the team will be composed of around 20 ophthalmologists having different subspecialties, specialized nurses, nursing assistants, optometrists and technicians who are qualified to conduct all types of tests and examinations. It will also be equipped with the latest techniques, technologies, medical facilities, high-precision laser machines and lenses to treat cataracts and other eye disorders and diseases.

Three floors will be reserved in the hospital’s outpatient clinics for the Ophthalmology Center, its technical equipment and operating rooms. The Center is currently operating as per its first phase of opening: it is welcoming patients for consultations, tests, x-ray services and laser treatments. However, the official opening is scheduled for late June, once the second phase will be completed.

In the coming phase, the Center will have 14 surgical chairs and will open four fully-equipped operating rooms reserved for ophthalmic surgeries only. This is a first in Lebanon within the context of a hospital. By reserving these rooms exclusively for eye surgery, the Center will contribute to enhancing the patient’s hospital experience and improving the patient flow, since traditional operating rooms are not suitable for these quick surgeries, but rather complicate the procedure. The Center’s team worked hard to provide an easier and more practical system for ophthalmic surgeons in order to meet the growing needs of patients without having to postpone surgeries. When the patient arrives, they will be welcomed in their room and assigned a surgical chair designed specifically for eye surgery. The nursing team will prepare the patient before surgery, take them to the operating room on the same chair, without the need to move them from one bed or gurney to another, since the chair can also be transformed into an operating table. After surgery, the patient will wait 10 minutes in the anesthesia department to recover and wake up on the same chair before returning to their room, in which they will remain one to two hours before going home.

The adopted path and arranged procedure allow focusing more on efficiency and offering the patient the opportunity to be treated solely at the eye Center within HDF hospital, without the need to refer directly to traditional hospitalization, since all services and treatments are provided in the Center interior space. This new effective structure in the Ophthalmology Center LaserVision-HDF is believed to be the future of hospitals that are slowly moving towards establishing specialized centers for each medical field within their premises.

On another hand, being part of a reference university hospital is one of the advantages of choosing this Center among other eye specialist centers. The Center is capable, in case the patient has any kind of complications during the operation, of treating them and quickly requesting the intervention of a specialized medical team for any emergency.

This common expertise in ophthalmology brought together Laser Vision’s competency and Hôtel-Dieu de France’s solid structure and deep knowledge in medical education, in an effort to provide high-quality eye care and the best possible patient experience. Despite the many difficulties and challenges faced, the two teams remained determined to proceed with the opening of the Center that aspires to be at the service of society and to serve as a cornerstone for health services and a pioneer in the field of ophthalmology.

For more information or booking an appointment, please call 01/604800 or 01/604801.

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