Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department at Marble Medical Center

Unique Programs with The Best Medical Equipment

Marble Medical Center noticed the importance of rehabilitation in helping the patient reach maximum body efficiency within the limits of his illness. Based on that, a comprehensive Department was established. The goal of the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation department at Marble Medical Center is to treat patients with different types of problems, ranging from sports injuries and low back pain, lymphodema after liposuction and lifting operation. 

The importance of this major increased within the past few years; the reason behind it is mainly the increase in the average life expectancy and the surge in the health problems people are facing. In fact, after getting over their health crisis, people need the new techniques of physiotherapy to help them recover as much as possible of their lost functional capacities.

Unique Program

Physiotherapists at Marble Medical Center are able to design a unique program for recovery, health and wellness to fit the patient’s individual needs.

The rehabilitation medicine works on restoring the handicapped organ so that the patient will be again an active member in his society without being affected by any disability.

The role of rehabilitation is to adapt the patient with his functional disability through teaching him how to benefit from all his functional capacities.

Rehabilitation helps a child, adult or older person to be as independent as possible in everyday activities.

Rehabilitation can help to reduce, manage or prevent complications associated with many health conditions such as spinal cord injury, stroke, or a fracture.

Here are the most common medical conditions treated by physical therapists:      

  • Sports Injuries. 
  • Muscular Dystrophy. 
  • Back and Neck Pain.
  • Rheumatology disease.
  • Women’s health
  • Muscle tears & soft tissue injuries.

Physiotherapy helps the person affected by physical injury, illness or disability. 

It treats specific musculoskeletal issues, improves movement, function and strength, as well as reduces swelling and pain. 

Best Medical Equipment

The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department at Marble Medical Center has the best medical equipment to meet the needs of patients. Here are different equipment pieces frequently used in clinics: Treatments tables, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, Pressotherapy machine, exercise balls, infrared.

Physiotherapists at Marble Medical Center employ the right clinically-proven healing techniques to improve movement, flexibility and strength.  

Thorough clinical assessment and individualized management plan such as:   

  • Medical massage.
  • Manual lymphatic drainage.
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises.
  • Dry cupping.

Who Needs Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is for people who have lost abilities that they need for daily life. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Injuries and trauma, fractures (broken bones).
  • Chronic pain, including back and neck pain.
  • Shoulder pain, heel pain, elbow pain, chronic strains and sprains.
  • Muscle tears and soft tissue injuries.
  • Swelling and lymphedema.
  • Rehabilitation can reduce the impact of a broad range of health conditions including diseases (acute or chronic), illnesses or injuries.  It can also complement other health interventions such as medical and surgical interventions, helping to achieve the best outcome possible.

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